Olympic Holidays Childcare Fund

Deprived children everywhere need our help, whether it's to educate street children, to parent abandoned babies or to make life easier for seriously or terminally ill children and their families, both in the UK and overseas.

We therefore invite all of you to contribute to this vital cause by adding a voluntary donation of £1.00 to the price of your holiday when booking.

Of course, you can remove it, but it’s a sum none of us will miss and we urge you to make this contribution to the world’s deprived children. Every penny will go to children’s charities overseas and in the UK. We too intend to do our bit with you by making significant donations from our own resources to boost your contributions and we shall keep you updated through our website with details of the money donated and the projects that YOU have helped to fund with us. We cannot solve child poverty and deprivation at a stroke, but with your help we can give deprived children everywhere a brighter future.

To date, the Olympic Holidays Childcare Fund has donated over £100,000 to children’s related charities in the UK and overseas.

Recipients of The Olympic Holidays Child Care Fund

charity tif 00 Olympic Holidays' Child Care Fund helps save lives in Egypt: Nicos Mylonas, Overseas Director of Olympic Holidays, was on hand to personally donate over £40,000 worth of screening equipment to Cairo University, Egypt. The chromatography machine – the most technologically advanced in this field - helps detect Thalassaemia, a deadly blood disorder that affects millions of families in the Middle East and Asia.

For more information about Olympic Holidays Child Care Fund please e-mail us here.
Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice A donation of £34,300 will go to this UK charity.
Noah’s Ark is a hospice in the community and provides practical support to life–limited children and their families within the communities.
crg Children’s Rights in Goa (CRG) Goa has received funding of £10,000 for their Children’s Resource Centre in Mapusa. Without this money, the Resource Centre would have closed. The charity was involved in child protection.
apfc Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Special Needs Cyprus has received €13,350 from our childcare fund which has been used to purchase a vehicle for the charity. It's run by volunteers who provide care for children with special needs. thalassaemia logo Thalassaemia International Federation Olympic Holidays Child Care Fund has donated over £40,000 worth of state-of-the-art screening equipment to TIF, at the University of Cairo, helping to save thousands of lives in Egypt.

Olympic Staff running the Bupa London 10K for Transitions UK

Transitions Charity Run

On the 25th May 2015 our very own staff proudly ran the Bupa London 10K for Transitions UK.

Transitions UK is a new Charity, established in October 2014, and working initially across Herts, Beds and Bucks and North London. They are concerned for what has been called a 'lost generation' of young people in our country and are determined to make an impact in the way that we address the pressing needs among 15-25 year old in England and Wales. The plan is to grow in number and in geographical coverage and meet the needs of thousands of young people every year.