10 Genius Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Holiday in Greece


Greece is a particularly beautiful part of the world, steeped with history, filled with good food, and blessed with year-round sun. Although the islands have become extremely popular with tourists over the years, there’s still plenty of Greece to go around; some fishing villages are still left unspoilt to this day.

If you’re hoping for a holiday this year that will tick all the boxes, then you’ve picked the right country. Here’s how to make the most of every moment:

1. Get the Best greece Apps

If you have a smartphone, make use of the best, up-to-date insight in one of the many travel apps available to you. For example, if you’re visiting the glorious Athens, be sure to download apps such as Tripadvisor’s city guide. It can help you navigate around unfamiliar territory, show you directions to your destination, and provide you with the top rated restaurants, bars and attractions in the city.

Looking for some last-minute inspiration for your holiday? Athens Book. is a great app, showing you everything from archaeological sites to where the closest open pharmacy is – it’s a great daily companion for anyone coming to Athens.

On a similar vein, Vodafone’s Explore Greece. app allows you to take a ‘virtual vacation’ through Greece, pick out the best beaches to visit and see videos posted by previous visitors. There’s even a section for learning about Greek food – if all of that doesn’t get you in Greek holiday mode, what will?

2. Translate the Menu

Have you ever accidentally ordered something in a restaurant abroad that really wasn’t what you were hoping for? Take the guesswork out of mealtimes and download <https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.translate">"Google Translate's". “point and translate” camera app. All you have to do is hover over the menu with your lens, and this app will tell you what’s on the menu – It’s hardly infallible, however, so don’t rely on it too much!

Alternative Greece

3. Make an Effort to Befriend the Locals

Befriending the locals can truly change the course of a holiday (for the better!) as they show you the best eateries, sights, and way the locals really live. You’ll discover spots away from the tourist tavernas, which will be cheaper and often with much better food. To do this, learn at least some basic Greek; a few simple phrases will be fine for a holiday, and ordering a round of Ouzo never hurt.

4. Choose the Right Time of Year

It’s no secret that Greece is beautiful all year round. However, if you want to avoid the tourist seasons (and their prices) but ensure the weather is still nice, book your holiday for May or September. These months shoulder the busiest seasons, but you should still have great weather.

5. Don’t Tour – Explore!

Although it can be tempting to go with tour operators, doing your own research and creating your own itinerary is a great way to enjoy the ‘real’ Greece. Hire a car, bike or scooter and explore the surrounding countryside - some of your best memories will be made visiting areas and sites that are off the beaten track.

For obvious reasons, tourists tend to hug the Greece’s shores. As soon as you go in-land, you’ll start to discover an untouched Greece, in all of its wild, natural splendour. You’ll find dramatically positioned monasteries, verdant olive groves, and quiet villages. In-land Greece is stunning, and it’s a shame that it’s often passed up for the usual ports and coastlines.


6. Attend a Festival or Two

Throughout history, the Greeks have shown the world who really knows how to party – their festivals are simply remarkable, with many harking back to ancient times. For anyone who loves theatre, there’s the annual Festival of Epidaurus.. Over the years, some amazing artists have taken to the stage in Athens, including the operatic legend, Maria Callas, and one of the best ballet dancers of all time, Rudolf Nureyev.

Into your rock music? Check out our summary of Rockwave Festival for the lowdown on what’s on this year. We’re talking confirmed headliners like The Black Keys, The Prodigy and, to cover all bases, Robbie Williams!

Locally, you are likely to find Greek folk festivals, which focus on the ancient traditions of the area. Oh, and the wine festivals, which we’re sure you’re not even a little bit interested in (ahem). Alternatively, you could don your most colourful garb and visit Greece during the Patras Carnival,, which includes parades, balls, treasure hunts, and rituals. This is a huge event that takes place every year, culminating in the burning of the “carnival king” and fireworks – it’s even broadcasted on Greek TV.

7. Order the Local Wine

Speaking of wine, you’ll be surprised at how many Greeks actually make their own wine. In many restaurants, you’ll find that you can buy vast quantities of this vino at a fraction of the price of bottled wine. Choose the local option from “the barrel” to save money and to savour the taste of the region. Compliment the owner, and you’ll make a new friend!

8. Wake up Early

Getting out of bed during the early hours isn’t always top of your holiday agenda. However, the sun will be up and Greek people will already be going about their business. Explore the town at its quietest and take in your surroundings. You’ll have more time to dedicate to activities, and there’s something lovely about a Greek town just waking up for the day.


9. Attack Your Food Bucket List

If for no other reason, you should certainly travel to Greece for the food. The Mediterranean diet here is known to be one of the healthiest in the world, but it’s also exceptionally delicious: olives, feta cheese, filo pastries, fresh salads – the cuisine here is fresh and gorgeous. If you want to know more, take a look at our 5 Simple Yet Delicious Greek Recipes To Try This Weekend.

10. Book Overnight Ferries

Have you always wanted to go island-hopping around Greece? We don’t blame you. Why not see all of the beautiful scenery and culture that Greece has to offer? However, these ferries can be exceptionally expensive. You can save money by taking the overnight boats, for almost half of the day ferry price. And hey, you won’t even need to pay for overnight accommodation – just kip on deck.

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