7 of the Best Mediterranean Beaches Most Brits Don’t Know About

If you’re looking at taking a beach holiday this year, hitting the Mediterranean is the cost-effective option that pretty much guarantees both sunshine and good times. The trouble is, everyone knows this; before you know it, it's standing room only at all of the popular resorts.

So, to help you get some sun time to yourself this summer, here are seven of the best Mediterranean beaches that most Brits don’t know about…

1. Loutsa beach – Greece

Loutsa Beach


Sitting on the Greek mainland, near Ammoudia and set just off the road between Preveza Airport and Parga, Loutsa is 3 kilometres of sand and shingle beach lined with taverns and cafe bars.

The beach has areas decked out with sun loungers and is just down the coast from the small coves at Lygia, making this the ideal secret spot, whether your thing is snorkelling or sunbathing.

2. Koroni – Greece

Koroni is more than a beautiful sandy beach on the southeast coast of Kefalonia - it’s an idyllic spot that also plays home to a mineral clay spa with fresh mineral water so clean you can not only shower in it, you can drink it.

It really is an unspoilt paradise - a spot where turtles lay their eggs - with little by way of facilities or sunbeds, so take a picnic along to try a trip to the nearby Setso hilltop bar for food and drink.

And if you’re looking for an even more remote and untouched spot, take the 45 minute walk to Lefki - a beautiful, sandy beach complete with caves, turtles, seals and no facilities whatsoever.

3. Le Grau-du-Roi – France

Sat along the French Mediterranean coast and serviced by both Montpellier and Nimes airports, Le Grau-du-Roi isn’t a deserted idyll, like the two Greek offerings, but a bustling seaside resort that offers everything from blow-up sun loungers to ice-cold beers.

And while it’s not a hotly-kept secret among the French, it’s thus far resisted the British invasion and is a great place to take the family and experience a true, French seaside resort.

4. Ile de Porquerolles – France

Ile de Porquerolles – France

Source: http://www.porquerolles.com/accueil/

If you’re considering the beaches of France, you’ll no doubt be looking along the French Riviera - and the pearl white sands and peacock blue seas of the Ile de Porquerolles are about as idyllic as it gets.

Lined with eucalyptus and pine trees, the crescent-shaped beach tapers off at each end and is truly an unspoilt paradise that is protected from over-development having been taken control of by the French government back in the 1970s. .

5. Marettimo - Italy

Italy has many unspoilt, and relatively unknown beaches, the trouble is they’re often taken over by the jet-set and an air of snobbery hangs heavy in the air - Marettimo, off the coast of Sicily doesn’t suffer from snootiness though.

The small outcrop is free from any cars and its lush, green terrain is ideal for walkers, while its sandy beaches and clear seas make it perfect for snorkelling and sunbathing. If you want to stop on the island you may have to take a tent though as hotel rooms are few and far between.

6. Cala Gonone – Sardinia

Cala Gonone – Sardinia

Source: http://www.sardegna.com/en/cala-gonone/

Nestling on the east coast of Sardinia, 70 miles south of Olbia airport, Cala Gonone has only relatively recently been made accessible thanks to a road tunnel that bores through the foot of the mountains that had previously cut it off from visitors.

So expect a spectacular, cliff-sided stretch of coastline with white sands and turquoise seas, the range of beaches here make it perfect for sun worshippers, snorkelers, families and couples - it really is an idyllic resort for everyone.

7. Monsul - Spain

Flanked by ever-changing sand dunes and dramatic volcanic outcrops of rock, Monsul beach sits in southern Spain’s Cabo de Gata national park.

And although it’s undoubtedly a beautiful beach, surrounded by some fascinating terrain, it’s also a relatively busy beach and so you may have to pick your way through day trippers and their assorted paraphernalia to find your perfect spot.

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