Discover These Hidden Greek Gems (New Island Offerings from Olympic)

When visiting Greece, many tourists think they have found the all-time best locations, but as always, this ever-charming destination is full of little surprises and hidden gems at every turn.

At Olympic, we already visit more Greek destinations than anyone else but we knew we couldn’t just stop there – and we’ll be constantly adding more! With our sunhats at the ready, we went on a recce, spoke to the locals, and really did our research to find and offer you the best new locations for 2016. We can tell you that there are destinations more beautiful and more magical than you can ever have imagined.

Stepping off the beaten-track (as we love to do), we discovered 3 Greek beauties which we are now delighted to bring to you as of this week.

1. Ithaca


The beautiful scenery of Ithaca is something not to be missed. Despite it being just a short ferry-journey away from the ever-popular Kefalonia, this scenic destination is often over-looked as it can only be ventured to via boat.

The largest village of Ithaca, Vathy, remains unspoiled with an array of beaches, fishing spots and olive groves. It truly is a picturesque gem holding many a Greek secret (visit and find out!).

Ithaca is perfect for seekers of natural beauty. And of course: wine, with vineyards and orangeries as far as the eye can see! Plus, if you like hiking, this is an ideal location with rolling hills and scenery.

2. Milos


Just a short ferry-ride from the spectacular Santorini, the beauty of Milos is well and truly off the beaten path. Often known as the “Islands of Colours” due to the jewelled seas, this is a destination which the Greek-loving-tourists often miss out on.

Milos boasts its multi-coloured sands, windmills and dramatic sunsets. Step away from the known - enjoy beautiful meze dishes, relax in the thermal springs, have a glass of wine by the harbour, and discover Milos, it will steal your heart.

3. Tinos


The third destination added to our wonderful offerings is Tinos, also known as Chora, which is an eclectic but beautiful location. Home to the Monastery of St Mary Evangelistria houses, it is a place of pilgrimage and has a special miracle-working past.

Tinos is full of character, with a number of different villages and dozens of beaches. Those who travel to Tinos note the intricately designed dovecotes found in the eastern and central areas of Tinos – these only add to the special scenery.

Again, this treasure of an island can be reached by Ferry, from the magical Mykonos.

Remember, taking a step off the beaten track can lead you to experience some truly dreamlike places. Visiting any of these locations will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Ready to find out more? Get in touch with one of our Greek specialists, or order our new brochure now.

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