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Close Your Eyes & Imagine This…

Whether you’re visiting a beautiful Greek island, such as Rhodes, Crete or Zante, or plan to escape to a luxurious location in Cyprus, we know that your summer holiday is that one thing getting you through months of endless drizzle, sat on the sofa with a cup of tea. Do you ever find yourself swooning over those holidays on TV, or, wishing you could just get that bit extra for your money? We know the answer is yes, and that’s why we have the affordable gold package holidays for everyone to enjoy.

Going gold with Olympic can let you have the VIP holiday you’ve always wanted. Now close your eyes and imagine:

It is finally the day of your long-awaited holiday. You arrive at the airport and instead of sitting in departures; you treat yourself to some refreshments in the VIP airport lounge. Once your plane lands in your chosen destination, you don’t have to worry about how much the taxi will cost or bicker over where the nearest bus stop is, because your taxi is outside waiting for you.

Arriving at the hotel, you don’t stress as you normally do about checking in. Check-in is a breeze. Opening the door to your very own luxury VIP room, you find a bottle of sparkling wine and some of the freshest fruit you’ve ever seen (what a way to start a holiday!).

You’ve only just arrived and you’re already relaxed and enjoying the luxe treatment. It doesn’t stop there, though! For the remainder of your holiday you get dedicated and top notch service in the resort.

Open your eyes; you’re back to reality and we bet you’re wishing to go back? Well good news for you… we’ve just brought out our new brochure to help you get through the miserable winter and the frosty New Year and to give you something extra special to look forward to. We know what you’re thinking; all this must cost a fortune, right? Wrong! Look through our brochure and you’ll realise that saving up for your holiday doesn’t have to be a feat. With Olympic you can book a luxury Gold package holiday with deposits from as little as £49.

Request our new brochure now, and remember: you deserve a little luxury!

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