The Top 5 Things to Do in Kalymnos (Our Insider’s Tips!)

Situated in the south eastern Aegean Sea, this Dodecanese Island is becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists seeking a rich mix of both modern and old school Greece. In recent years it has also become a top destination for any holidaymakers seeking a sun-kissed locale that also offers a certain sense of adventure.

1/ World Renowned Climbing: Kalymnos has developed a richly deserved reputation as one of Europe’s premier rock climbing holiday destinations. The islands unique mountainous geography has seen numerous climbing schools spring up that can be used by climbers of all abilities. Beginners can learn the ropes using experienced instructors, while experts seeking a bit more of a challenge can take on the island’s legendary overhangs. It’s a fun and exciting activity which packs the added bonus of some spectacular views.

2/ Pothia: The Island’s capital city is the picturesque and historic town of Pothia. The city itself is rich in culture and its two museums, the archaeological museum and the naval museum, are hugely popular with visitors. The former, especially, is a great place to view some of the island’s incredible heritage. There’s also the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ which contains a spectacular marble sculpture by renowned Greek sculptor Yannoulis Chalepas. It’s also a short trip from Pothia to the island’s old capital of Chora which contains the Castle of Chrisocheria, a tranquil spot which is the perfect destination for a leisurely countryside stroll.

3/ Tavernas: In Pothia there are numerous authentic Greek tavernas offering plenty of tantalising Greek cuisine. As expected from a bustling port town, the specialities tend to be an extensive array of tasty seafood dishes. You won’t have any trouble finding a great place to dine, but the likes of O Pantelis, Hammer’s Wine Bar and Smuggler’s restaurant are just a few that are well worth seeking out.

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4/ Vathi: Away from the bustling centre of Pothia, roughly 11km to the northeast, lies the village of Vathi. While the rest of the island is fairly arid in landscape, Vathi is located in a fertile valley that has led to it being described as something of an oasis. The tranquil village is an ideal spot to end a leisurely walk as you drink in the landscape that includes some eye-catching citrus orchards. There’s also the popular prehistoric cave located in the harbour, and plenty of local tavernas to sample.

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5/ Scuba Diving: Kalymnos is often referred to as “Sponge-divers Island”, and with good reason. The island has a rich heritage built upon diving and to this day, it remains a beloved past time on the island. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, why not visit a diving school and set off to explore underwater volcanos, ship wrecks and stunning nearby reefs.

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