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Free Holiday Redundancy Protection

In light of the current economic climate and general uncertainty regarding employment, Olympic Holidays is offering FREE holiday redundancy protection to cover all customers booking a package holiday. So, if you book a package holiday with Olympic Holidays and you are made redundant, you may cancel your holiday booking FREE of charge and you'll be refunded anything you have paid.

If you're thinking about booking a holiday then book with Olympic Holidays so you have complete confidence that you will receive a full refund if you're made redundant. Take advantage of our unbeatable holiday deals and remember we offer a lowest price guarantee, so if you find the same holiday anywhere else we'll beat it.

Olympic Holidays is the UK ’s leading specialist tour operator to the Eastern Mediterranean. Offering fully ATOL protected holidays to worldwide destinations including Greece, CyprusTurkey and more.

Terms and Conditions - Redundancy Protection

1. Basis of the Protection

If, after booking your holiday, you are made redundant by your employer and you inform us not later than 4 weeks before the departure date of your holiday, subject to the terms and conditions of this offer, we will allow you to cancel your holiday booking free of charge and will refund to you anything you have paid.

2. Qualification - For the protection to apply you must:

  • Have been in full time continuous permanent employment with the same employer for the 2 years prior to the date of booking and with the same employer up to the date of cancellation.
  • Not be self-employed or be a Director of, or a partner in your employing company or firm.
  • Not have been under notice of redundancy at the date you booked the holiday or have been informed by your employer of its intention to make redundancies, even if you did not know your job was to be made redundant.

3. Qualifying bookings

The protection applies to new package holiday bookings only; it does not apply to flight only or accommodation only bookings with Olympic Holidays. Further it does not apply to any package holiday booking containing a scheduled flight or any flight not purchased by Olympic Holidays direct from the carrying airline. The protection does not apply to any charge paid or payable under your booking apart from the main holiday price, such as insurance premiums, car hire charges; airport parking or lounge facilities. If in doubt please check with us what is not covered.

4. Making a claim:

You must claim within 7 days of receiving notice of redundancy by writing to us and sending with your letter all required documentation to establish your claim in accordance with these terms and conditions. Please note that if we do not receive your letter within 7 days of your receiving notice of redundancy then we shall not be able to consider your claim. In addition if you have travel insurance – whether booked with us or not - and this insurance contains redundancy cover or the equivalent, you must claim under your travel insurance and not under this scheme.

To claim under Olympic Holidays' protection scheme you must provide the following documentation (originals and not copies – although we recommend that you keep copies for yourself):

  • Your Olympic Holidays booking confirmation/invoice;
  • The receipt(s) for all monies paid under the booking;
  • Your travel insurance policy;
  • The notice of redundancy received from your employer – Note that this must amount to a termination of your employment on the grounds of redundancy as redundancy is defined in current employment legislation;
  • Contact details of someone at your place of employment who will be able to confirm employment and redundancy details, together with a letter of authority addressed to that person authorising him/her to release those details to Olympic Holidays.