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Sat, 08 Apr 2017

Regions In Greece

Holidays in Alonissos


  • Traditional off the beaten track island
  • Bustling harbour front with excellent fish restaurants
  • Immense natural beauty and beautiful beaches
  • National marine park boasting a rare species of the 'monk seal'

Where to stay in Alonissos

Holidays in Athens


  • Lots to see
  • Variety of entertainment
  • Beautiful beaches

Where to stay in Athens

Holidays in Athens Coast


  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Tranquil
  • Luxury hotels
  • Sandy beaches

Where to stay in Athens Coast

Holidays in Corfu


  • Blessed by mother nature
  • Golden sandy beaches
  • Array of lively bars and discos
  • Aqualand Water Park

Where to stay in Corfu

Holidays in Crete East - Heraklion


  • Beautiful golden beaches
  • Breathtaking scenery
  • A wealth of culture and history
  • Lively nightlife

Where to stay in Crete East - Heraklion

Holidays in Crete West - Chania


  • Lively resort
  • Picturesque resort
  • Sandy beaches
  • Good selection of bars and restaurants

Where to stay in Crete West - Chania

Holidays in Halki


  • Picturesque setting
  • Slow paced atmosphere
  • Stunning scenery
  • Untouched by mass tourism

Where to stay in Halki

Holidays in Halkidiki


  • Endless sandy beaches
  • Traditional Greek village life
  • Spectacular scenery
  • Byzantine Empire remains

Where to stay in Halkidiki

Holidays in Ios


  • Superb beaches
  • Excellent watersport facilities
  • Wide choice of tavernas & bars
  • 'Homers' Burial place

Where to stay in Ios

Holidays in Ithaca


  • Picturesque and Traditional resort
  • Small sandy and shingle beaches
  • Many tavernas, small selection of bars and 1 disco

Where to stay in Ithaca

Holidays in Kalymnos


  • Fantastic sandy beaches
  • Traditional tavernas
  • Unspoilt beauty
  • Peaceful and tranquil

Where to stay in Kalymnos

Holidays in Kavala


  • Beautiful beaches
  • Clear waters
  • No crowds
  • Unhurried atmosphere

Where to stay in Kavala

Holidays in Kefalonia


  • A breathtakingly beautiful and charming island
  • Magnificent beaches and a variety of wildlife
  • Spectacular scenery

Where to stay in Kefalonia

Holidays in Kos


  • Fabulous sightseeing and spectacular landscape
  • Beautiful sand/shingle beaches
  • Leisurely laid back atmosphere
  • Caters for all ages and tastes

Where to stay in Kos

Holidays in Lefkada


  • Spectacular beaches
  • Selection of tavernas and traditional restaurants
  • Immerse yourself on a traditional Greek island

Where to stay in Lefkada

Holidays in Leros


  • Picturesque and relaxed setting
  • Unhurried atmosphere
  • Quaint villages

Where to stay in Leros

Holidays in Lesvos


  • Beautiful beaches
  • Clear waters
  • No crowds
  • Unhurried atmosphere

Where to stay in Lesvos

Holidays in Milos


  • More than 75 beaches
  • Archaeological museum
  • Traditional Syrmata houses

Where to stay in Milos

Holidays in Mykonos


  • Superb beaches
  • Sophisticated nightlife
  • Cosmopolitan feel
  • Excellent shopping

Where to stay in Mykonos

Holidays in Naxos


  • Stunning views
  • Beaches
  • Traditional feel
  • Watersports

Where to stay in Naxos

Holidays in Parga


  • Picturesque harbour front
  • Traditional Charm
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Golden sandy beaches

Where to stay in Parga

Holidays in Paros


  • Historical
  • Busy harbour
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • White wash houses

Where to stay in Paros

Holidays in Paxos


  • A picturesque, charming island of contrasts
  • A variety of lovely sandy beaches
  • Fantastic restaurants to suit all tastes
  • Unwind on this enchanting island

Where to stay in Paxos

Holidays in Pelion Peninsula


  • An undiscovered haven of rugged beauty
  • Authentic mountain hamlets and traditional coastal fishing villages
  • A coastline of beautiful beaches and hidden gems
  • Centuries of history preserved in monasteries and museums
  • The 'summer playground of the Gods' and home to the Centaur of Greek mythology - half man, half horse.

Where to stay in Pelion Peninsula

Holidays in Peloponnese


  • A historical paradise
  • Relaxing and peaceful
  • Secluded beaches
  • Stunning scenery

Where to stay in Peloponnese

Holidays in Rhodes


  • A rich history, amazing sites of interest, activities and day trips
  • Beautiful beaches with excellent facilities available
  • Caters for everyone from young and lively to the more discerning visitor, appealing to all ages

Where to stay in Rhodes

Holidays in Salonica

Holidays in Samos


  • Beautiful beaches
  • Green landscapes
  • A taste of traditional Greece
  • Quaint villages

Where to stay in Samos

Holidays in Santorini


  • One of the most scenic islands in Greece if not the world
  • Steeped in history with fascinating archaeological sites
  • Stunning volcanic landscape contrasted with the deep blue sea
  • Breathtaking picture perfect sunsets

Where to stay in Santorini

Holidays in Sivota


  • Picturesque and relaxed
  • Majestic mountains above enticing sandy crescents
  • Forested valleys and olive groves
  • Traditional fish tavernas and local restaurants serving the best in Greek cuisine

Where to stay in Sivota

Holidays in Skiathos


  • This island has something for all, picturesque walks, hidden valleys, vast beaches, archaeological sites, caves, sculpting rocks and small coves.
  • Boasting over sixty beaches, Skiathos is a sun-worshipper's holiday paradise.
  • A bustling, attractive harbour town with excellent restaurants, shops and bars.

Where to stay in Skiathos

Holidays in Skopelos


  • An extremely picturesque & relaxing island perfect for holidays away from it all
  • Beautiful sandy & shingle beaches
  • Escape the masses and indulge in the Greek way of life

Where to stay in Skopelos

Holidays in Symi


  • Visit the ultimate island for complete relaxation
  • Step back in time and take it easy for a week or two
  • Stunning small sandy beaches dotted around the island
  • Wide variety of charming fish tavernas & cafes all around the pretty harbour front

Where to stay in Symi

Holidays in Syros


  • A traditional but sophisticated and cosmopolitan
  • Discover the rich history of a beautiful island
  • Some of the best beaches in Greece

Where to stay in Syros

Holidays in Thassos


  • Beautiful beaches
  • Clear waters
  • No crowds
  • Unhurried atmosphere

Where to stay in Thassos

Holidays in Thessaloniki (Salonica)


  • A vibrant and cosmopolitan city
  • A wealth of cultural attractions
  • Diversity of landscapes in the region
  • Great shopping

Where to stay in Thessaloniki (Salonica)

Holidays in Tilos


  • A taste of traditional Greece
  • Picturesque and relaxed setting
  • Unhurried atmosphere

Where to stay in Tilos

Holidays in Tinos


  • Characterful villages
  • Fabulous beaches
  • Monastery of St Mary Evangelistria

Where to stay in Tinos

Holidays in Zante


  • Beautiful beaches
  • Picturesque setting
  • Stunning coastline
  • Historical interest

Where to stay in Zante