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Disabled Friendly Hotels

Olympic Holidays have identified hotels that are suitable for disabled people with many having especially designed rooms. Please see below for a list of resorts with such hotels, although please note that suitable rooms within these hotels may be limited and are subject to availability.

For more information about Disabled Friendly Hotels call us on 020 8492 6720 or email us here.

Ayia Napa Disabled Friendly Hotels

Ayia Napa holidays are ideal for those in search of a lively resort with lovely golden beaches ideal for relaxing and topping up that tan. A visit to Nissi beach is a must when on Ayia Napa holidays because it has beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters. Don't delay and look no further than Olympic Holidays for your next dream holiday in Ayia Napa. We offer an excellent range of Ayia Napa holidays that are sure to meet most budgets and taste. So if you're looking for budget Ayia Napa holidays, deals on holidays to Ayia Napa or even all inclusive holidays in Ayia Napa then book online at Olympic Holidays.

Banjul Disabled Friendly Hotels

Standing at the mouth of the River Gambia, Banjul, the capital of Gambia is a fairly small city with a vibrant village atmosphere. At its heart lies Albert Market - a bustling place made up of a collection of small stalls where visitors can pick up local crafts, batiks, silver, clothes and exotic fruits. Hotels are located outside the town on the beach at the estuary of the Gambia River. The British founded Banjul as a trading post in 1816 and it is now the hub of Gambian economic activity.

Corfu Disabled Friendly Hotels

The majestic island of Corfu offers an ideal destination for holidaymakers hoping for stunning natural views combined with vibrant opportunities for socialising. Corfu boasts breathtaking natural beauty that will entice anyone holidaying on this popular Greek island. If you enjoy learning about local cultures when on holiday, you'll love the opportunity to fully absord Corfu's colourful past in its numerous historical monuments, stunning examples of architecture and busy museums. Alternatively, discover tranquillity on its extensive spans of sandy beaches and secluded coves where holidaymakers can simply relax and soak up the sun.

Crete Disabled Friendly Hotels

Crete holidays provide captivating views and unforgettable experiences that are sure to thrill. Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and possesses a diverse and enchanting landscape that can only be described as breathtaking. Visitors taking Crete holidays are mesmerised by the island's beautiful golden beaches, rugged snow capped mountains and majestic scenery.

Don't delay and take advantage of our cheap Crete holidays where you can discover sites such as the archaeological museum housing Minoan artefacts. The island's capital, Heraklion is a hive of activity and filled with beautiful examples of Venetian architecture. Crete holidays have everything you could need or want from a Mediterranean holiday destination, its diversity of resorts makes holidays to Crete very popular for British tourists. So, if you're in search of an all inclusive holiday, value family holiday or a budget holiday then Crete holidays are an obvious choice.

Halkidiki Disabled Friendly Hotels

Halkidiki holidays are in a region of northern Greece boasting endless sandy beaches, picturesque villages and many areas of historic interest. Most of the holiday resorts are situated upon the most westerly peninsular, Kassandra. Halkidiki enjoys a combination of sand and shingle beaches that run down the length of the Kassandra peninsular bordering the crystal clear gulfs of the Aegean. Nightlife is varied, with numerous tavernas and bars and also several nightclubs. Halkidiki, located in the northern region of Greece, boasts endless sandy beaches and picturesque villages that have been delighting people on holiday for years.

Hurghada Disabled Friendly Hotels

Hurghada is known in Egypt as Ghardaga and was at one time just a simple fishing village. But now it has transformed into hotspot for Egyptian tourism. The crystal clear waters, untouched reefs and a multitude of ship wrecks make it a haven for diving holidays. Hurghada has a wonderful mix of eastern and western cultures in a lively resort that is also the largest town on the Red Sea Coast. Egypt's most popular resort town is a paradise for divers, snorkellers and for those who simply want to relax in the year round sunshine.

Kalamata Disabled Friendly Hotels

Kalamata is near the ancient city of Farai as mentioned by Homer. The old city is spread out under a castle and this is where the Byzantine church of the Virgin Ypapanti built in 18th century is located. There are many churches in Kalamata, the oldest being the famous Agii Apostoli (built in 13th century) where the Greek War of Independence against the Turkish was officially declared on 23 March 1821.

Kalamata has an archaeological museum at the Benaki Mansion and also a folklore museum noteworthy for its numerous relics of the War of Independence of 1821, a fine arts museum with works by Greek artists and a library containing 60.000 volumes. There are also many cultural events such as concerts and plays taking place throughout Kalamata's many theatres during the summer months. In the evening, the town really comes alive, particularly along the water front which is lined with tavernas and sea food restaurants serving delicious local dishes.

Limassol Disabled Friendly Hotels

Situated on the southern coast, Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus and has developed into a spirited, cosmopolitan and bustling seaside resort. As well as playing host to some of the most important events on the island such as the Carnival and Wine Festival, Limassol's lively and varied night entertainment provides something for everyone. Don't delay and look no further than Olympic Holidays for your next Mediterranean holiday in Limassol where we have an excellent range of Limassol holidays that are sure to meet most pockets and tastes. So if you're looking for cheap budget holidays in Limassol or holiday deals in Limassol or even all inclusive holidays in Limassol, then book online at Olympic Holidays.

Mykonos Disabled Friendly Hotels

You will find lots to enjoy in Mykonos. Superb beaches, immaculately whitewashed cube houses, sophisticated nightlife and high quality shopping. In fact, blessed with such riches Mykonos has something for everyone. One of the most cosmopolitan of all the Greek islands, Mykonos has an international reputation and quite justifiably attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world looking for real Greek holidays, amongst them many A-list celebrities all in search of that little piece of heaven. Mykonos is located in the Cyclades islands to the south east of Tinos.

Paphos Disabled Friendly Hotels

Paphos is located on the south west coast of Cyprus, is steeped in history and in ancient times was the capital of the island. The resort's focal point is the charming fishing harbour - next to Paphos Fort which is lined with open air tavernas. Any Paphos holidays would be incomplete without sampling the menu featuring the days catch. On any holiday to Paphos you will discover many sandy and pebbly beaches surrounding Paphos with the best sandy beach in the area being Coral Bay - a short bus ride away.

Holidays to Paphos will take you to a picturesque resort with lots of historical interest, many restaurants and good sandy and pebbly beaches. Paphos holidays contain many historical points of interest including the district museum, the Tomb of the Kings, the Pillar of St Paul, the mosaics of Paphos and many other famous archaeological sites. A short drive away is the legendary site where Aphrodite the Goddess of Love, is said to have been born from the waves.

Preveza Disabled Friendly Hotels

Preveza is the gateway to Parga, Sivota & Lefkada. Despite its charm and beauty, tourism thankfully remains low key which is Parga's real appeal. Its narrow, flagstone streets boast brightly coloured houses draped with bougainvillea and aromatic jasmine. Lefkada is a quiet island with plenty of Greek character - ideal for those seeking relaxing holidays away from it all. On the mainland opposite the southern tip of Corfu, the attractive harbour town of Sivota is part of the ancient region of Epirus, famed as one of Europe’s prime areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Protaras Disabled Friendly Hotels

Situated between Ayia Napa and Paralimni on the island of Cyprus lies the rapidly expanding resort of Protaras. The beautiful beach of Fig Tree Bay with its fabulous golden sands and idyllic coves along with numerous other wonderful beaches in the area provide a great excuse to spend lazy days by the sea. Take advantage of the crystal clear waters with the many water sports on offer including scuba diving.

Rhodes Disabled Friendly Hotels

Rhodes was blessed by the Sun God Helios and this is apparent by the 300 days of glorious sunshine this picturesque island enjoys. Its unique location at the intersection of east and west have ensured that it would be in the thick of commerce and conflicts. The scars left by its rich and turbulent history have become its treasures. Knights, Turks, Italians - all the island's invaders have left behind objects of great beauty in their trail. Through it all, Rhodes remains beautiful. Truly a land of contrasts, Rhodes offers secluded coves, golden sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, unspoiled mountain villages, spectacular scenery with lush vegetation, lively nightlife and centuries of history and mythology.

Santorini Disabled Friendly Hotels

Santorini is one of the most famous islands in the world. A unique, crescent shaped island formed by an ancient volcanic eruption said to have taken place in 1650 BC, Santorini is blessed with some of the most breathtaking views in all the Greek islands. Santorini is situated in the southern Cyclades, 128 nautical miles from Pireaus and 68 nautical miles from Heraklion in Crete.

The inner edge of the island plunges almost 900 feet into the sea and the outer coast has long black volcanic beaches. Thira the capital, is perched above towering cliffs and connected to the harbour below by a winding path of steps. Its whitewashed houses are constantly photographed and it also boasts many excellent but traditional restaurants as well as shops and bars. Enjoy the fresh seafood and local specialities at one of the many fish restaurants.

Zante Disabled Friendly Hotels

The most southern island in the Ionian group, Zakynthos - also known as Zante - has a landscape that ranges from mountainous landscapes in the north to gentle hills and flat countryside in the south. Zakynthos is also renowned for its stunning coastline, which is home to loggerhead turtles as the island is the most important nesting spot in the Med for them, as well as the wide variety of of water sport activities available. In fact if your idea of the perfect holiday involves a beautiful beach, a quiet getaway to relax or even somewhere to party the night away, a holiday in Zante, Greece could be the perfect choice for you.