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Sun, 14 May 2017

Cyprus Dancing Holidays

Welcome to Olympic Holidays Dance Programme! With the Island of Cyprus being one of the warmest all year round Mediterranean destinations, makes it the ideal location for a dance with your friends, family or club.

Line Dancing Holidays in Cyprus

No matter what age or shoe size you are! Whoever you are, you’ll fit in and be able to join the nightly parties. The dance involves hundreds of different steps, including many elements of popular dance formations, with its roots in country and western dancing, line dancers now step their dance routines to a wide variety of popular music.

The great thing about line dancing is that you not only dance as part of a group or line but also as an individual. It's easy to pick up the moves, so it appeals to a wide variety of people, but more advanced techniques allow experienced dancers to demonstrate considerable skills. Line dancing encourages everyone to get on the dance floor.

Sequence Dancing Holidays in Cyprus

This form of dancing is mainly a UK phenomenon. It is divided into three sections Standard (Modern), Latin-American and Old Time.

The different sequences are made up from Standard (Modern), Latin-American, and Old Time dancing steps and the many more different dances which have been created by dance teachers, dance leaders etc. as a sequence.

Dance evening/afternoon the leaders would dance solo for the first 16 of the chosen tunes after which the rest of the dancers join them on the dance floor. This means that the whole floor is dancing the same steps at the same time. Some of the most popular sequence dances are Blamoral Blues, Tango Serida and the Mayfair Quickstep.

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