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Mon, 08 May 2017

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The Olympic flame always burns brightly in Greece - the ancestral home of the Ancient and Modern Olympics, and to celebrate this record haul, we have created our own medal winning collection of the best hotels and apartments for 2017 with some fantastic offers:

When Team GB return to the UK from the Olympics, with a grand total and record haul of 67 medals, Olympic Holidays celebrated with a selection of special offers for those looking to secure their 2017 Holidays.

“Gold” offers at 5 star hotels, each with an extra £50 saving  per person

“Silver” offers at 4 star hotels with an extra £40 saving per person

“Bronze” offers on 3 star hotels with an extra £30 saving per person

Starting the 7th September for 2 weeks, and with the aim to achieve sporting excellence and inspire and excite the world, the Paralympics are an outstanding way for all to enjoy and participate in sports from the beginner to elite level.

In celebration of the courage, determination, inspiration and equality of Team GB, we will add more holidays to the Olympic Holidays medal collection each day.

The Celebratory offers are valid for bookings made from August 23 to Sept 21 2016

Paralympics GOLD - 5 star

Olympics GOLD - 5 star

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Widget Gold 01

£50 per person has been deducted

£50 per person has been deducted

Paralympics SILVER - 4 star

Olympics SILVER - 4 star

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Widget Silver 01

£40 per person has been deducted:

£40 per person has been deducted:

Paralympics BRONZE - 3 star

Olympics BRONZE - 3 star

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Widget Bronze 01

£30 per person has been deducted:

£30 per person has been deducted: