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Mon, 08 May 2017

Lp September

Six Months of Summer - September

The Greek Islands and Cyprus – so much more to see and do in September

We’re the experts on the Greek Islands and Cyprus, so we’re full of exciting and original ideas for holidays in these warm, safe, friendly destinations! This time, we’re focussing on things to see and do in September.

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September Departures to Rhodes:

Belfast fr £408 pp fr £524 pp fr £571 pp
Glasgow fr £358 pp fr £688 pp fr £671 pp
Newcastle fr £308 pp fr £619 pp fr £943 pp
Manchester fr £223 pp fr £534 pp fr £548 pp
Birmingham fr £388 pp fr £651 pp fr £500 pp
Bristol fr £399 pp fr £699 pp fr £693 pp
London Gatwick fr £292 pp fr £438 pp fr £555 pp

September Departures to Larnaca:

Belfast fr £281 pp fr £552 pp fr £778 pp
Manchester fr £264 pp fr £482 pp fr £698 pp
Bristol fr £263 pp fr £457 pp fr £683 pp
London Gatwick fr £268 pp fr £432 pp fr £693 pp

September Departures to Crete:

Newcastle fr £315 pp fr £424 pp fr £766 pp
Manchester fr £237 pp fr £384 pp fr £726 pp
East Midlands fr £322 pp fr £434 pp fr £776 pp
Birmingham fr £264 pp fr £434pp fr £593 pp
Bristol fr £342 pp fr £539 pp fr £856 pp
London Stansted fr £354 pp fr £473 pp fr £542 pp
London Gatwick fr £210 pp fr £319 pp fr £553 pp

September Departures to Paphos:

Manchester fr £424 pp fr £483 pp fr £757 pp
London Gatwick fr £472 pp fr £603 pp fr £740 pp

Lp Content September Sunset Santorini

The best places to see Santorini’s spectacular sunsets

Many people will tell you that Oia (pronounced ‘Ee-a’) is THE place for sunset watching. The ruined fort above Amoudi Bay is easily accessible by a footpath, and it’s one of the most popular spots for dramatic, panoramic views.  But because of its fame, it can get crowded, so get there early to get a good spot, especially if the skies are clear.

(However, here’s a hint – whatever the weather conditions, there’s always a chance for a spectacular photograph).

If you don’t want to climb, you’ll still get a great view of the sunset from Amoudi Bay itself, and you could spend the day on the beautiful beach, then combine your sunset-watch with a fabulous, freshly-caught fish dinner in one of the quaint tavernas around the bay.

If you enjoy hiking, there’s a good footpath running from Fira to Oia; you can enjoy the sunset without the crowds from one of its many viewing spots.

Got transport? Drive to the town of Imerovigli: at 300 feet above sea-level, it’s even higher than Oia, and has a picturesque ruined castle as well as breath-taking views of both the sunset and the caldera.

Enjoy the café society? Franco’s Café Bar in Kasteli, Pyrgos is a great spot to relax and enjoy the sunset accompanied by classical music. Or try the Café Del Mar in Fira – somewhat pricey, but worth it for the view!

Alternatively, take to the seas for a sunset cruise on one of the many large, comfortable boats which combine sightseeing with refreshments and often live music as well. Sunset cruises are available from almost any port on the island, and there’s a wide choice of vessel, from lively singles party-boats to elegant catamarans or iconic traditional wooden schooners.

Finally, here’s a handy website that will calculate the exact time of sunset for you, so you won’t miss a single fabulous ray:

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Lp Content September Opera Cyprus

Paphos Aphrodite Opera festival, Cyprus 

This is the 17th year of the world-famous Paphos Aphrodite Festival, celebrating ‘culture without boundaries’

This year the Festival will take place from September 2nd – 4th, as always, in front of the magnificent medieval castle at the harbour-side in Paphos.

As always, the production will be staged by an internationally-acclaimed opera company, and it will be fascinating to see the ingenuity with which the set’s designer incorporates the castle as part of the opera’s scenery, whilst the whole of the square in front is transformed into a an enormous open-air stage.

At the time of writing, the opera to be performed this year was in the process of selection. For more information nearer the time, visit

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Lp Content September Crete Tourism

World Tourism Day, Crete

World Tourism Day takes place in late September, and is enthusiastically supported in history-rich Crete.

The five famous squares of Heraklion town – Archaelogical Museum Square, Agios Titos Square, Kallergon Square, Eleftherias Square and Agia Ekaterini Square - are the focal point for the plethora of cultural events there, but there will be exhibitions and concerts right across the country, with free open days at some of the most famous historical sites.

Crete’s top singers and musicians will perform, and in Heraklion, more than 300 stallholders will present a fascinating display of art and traditional products.

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Lp Content September Tsambika Rhodes

Panagia Tsambika - 298 steps towards a baby 

If you’re holidaying in Rhodes and you meet a boy called Tsambikos, or a girl called Tsambika, you can be pretty sure that his or her mother once climbed the 298 steps leading up to the church of Tsambika, in order to pray for a child.

September 8th is the Feast of Panagia Tsambika, the Virgin Mary of Fertility. Every year on her feast day, childless women walk barefoot or crawl on their hands and knees up the steep stone steps to the church that bears her name, located high on a hill just beyond the town of Kolymbia.

If their prayer is answered, they traditionally express their thanks by giving the child this distinctive name, unique to the people of Rhodes.

Little Tsambika church is a simple, single-room building built in the 14th century. Its wonderful carved ‘miracle-working’ wooden iconostasis dates back to the late 16th century, and is now in the nearby Tsambika monastery for safekeeping.

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Lp Content September Grapes Cyprus

Grape Festivals in Cyprus

Three of Cyprus’ main ‘grape villages’ hold their festivals this September, dedicated to all things made from wine and accompanied by folk music and dancing, and the revival of quaint, traditional customs.

On the 11th, Vasa Koilaniou begins the Grape Festival season with wine- tastings and entertainment, Lofou is your host on the 18t and on the 25th, it is the turn of Arsos.

At all three festivals, you’ll also get the chance to see the preparation of two traditional dishes, palouzes and shoushoukos. They’re created from the ‘must’ – the juice from the pressed grapes – and are delicious! Don’t miss the chance to taste them for yourself.

Palouzes is a sort of custard, made from freshly-pressed grape juice and flour, and usually flavoured with vanilla or fragrant geranium leaves, with a little grated cinnamon, chopped walnuts or almonds sprinkled on top.

Shoushoukos are best described as extraordinary almond kebabs. Long strings of almonds are dipped in palouzes and left to hang overnight. Some of the liquid drips off, of course, but the process is repeated two or three times for several days, using a new palouzes mixture each day, until the almonds are totally covered and the shoushoukos is about an inch thick.

In bygone days, these delicious sweet snacks would be stored in a cool place to dehydrate, ready to be enjoyed in the winter. Nowadays, they’re snapped up immediately!

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Lp Content September Greek Wine

Wine Festivals in the Greek Islands 

September is a bumper (or possibly magnum) time for wine-tasting all over the Mediterranean.

In Kos, it’s celebrated on September 3rd in Asfendious village, with wine, music and folk-dancing.

The cultural Society of Glossa town in Skopelos organises their festival in the middle of September every year. Visitors receive a warm welcome, and free wine, and the dancing lasts till the early hours of the morning.

In Thessaloniki, the Anhiolos Wine Festival runs for two weeks in early September, bringing together a wide range of producers, from internationally-famous names to small, boutique brands, all eager for you to sample their wares.

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Lp Content September Biennale Santorini

3rd Santorini Biennale 

As a further treat for delight for art lovers who visit this picture-perfect island, Santorini’s international art exhibition runs from the 1st September to 15th October 2016, and this year takes Alice in Wonderland as its inspiration.

Come and see the fascinating results as artists from all over the world present their unique answers to the Biennale’s question: ‘Where is Wonderland, who is Alice and what is the Wonder?’

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Please note that festival dates can change, often at the last minute, so do check them again nearer to the time.