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Wed, 17 May 2017

Holidays In Antalya City (Lara)

Antalya City (Lara) Holidays at a Glance

Set in Antalya city, the Lara district is home to many five to seven star hotels, many of which are set in the Kundu area. Replicas of well-known places worldwide most of the hotels here bring Lara its name and fame as the "Turkish Vegas". Its famous Lara Beach is one of the longest brownish beaches in Turkey. A strip of land which pulls out to the Gulf of Antalya, Lara Beach is located just east of Antalya's rocky face, almost touching the Lower Duden Waterfall. All through the past years, tourists have learnt that vacationing in Lara Beach always means keeping promises of trendy beaches, natural splendours and classy accommodation, and so, it wouldn't be wrong of you to expect the superlative of Turkey's Riviera.

Who holidays in Lara?
Lara is ideal for those wanting a tranquil, relaxing holiday in a luxurious Mediterranean region.

Key Facts - Antalya City (Lara)

  • LanguageTurkish
  • CurrencyNew Turkish Lira (TRY)
  • Dialing Code00 90
  • Time Difference+2 hours GMT
  • Flight Duration4.5 hours (Approx)
  • Airport Transfer (Coach)Antalya

The Antalya region of the south west corner of Turkey is a 400-mile sweep of white-sand beaches and secluded coves backed by the majestic pine-clad Taurus Mountain range and over time the natural beauty of the region has been enhanced by the development of some of Turkey's most upmarket resorts.

The charming resort of Side is where old and new meet with stunning results. Walking the narrow alleyways of this fascinating resort , steeped in history where there seems to be an archaeological sight around every corner is a delight. With a great beach and wide choice of bar and restaurants, Side also has a vibrant and sophisticated nightlife.
Situated between Side and Antalya City the resort of Belek is home to some of the best hotels in the region and its long ribbon of sandy beach make it the perfect place to spend sun filled days. Belek is also home to a number of world class golf courses.

Located just 12 kms east of the cosmopolitan capital of the region, Antalya City is Lara Beach which has a sandy beach and some of the region's most stylish hotels.

Antalya Museum: Founded in 1922 by Süleyman Fikri Erten and housed first in the Alaaddin Mosque in the old city and then in the Yivli Minaret, the museum was later moved to its current location in Antalya City. The museum consists of 12 exhibit rooms as well as gardens and open galleries. In these halls the history of Antalya is given in a chronological and informative fashion starting with the first humans and continuing without interruption to the modern era.

Side: The ancient city of Side, 48 kms East of Antalya City, is most famous for its theatre, probably the best preserved in Asia Minor. It is still in use today, and stages the annual Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival every summer. It was also the scene of a huge bloody battle between the Persians and the Greeks in 469 BC, and then ruled by the Spartans 120 years later. The city became part of the Seleucid kingdom after the death of Alexander the Great, and then became part of the Roman province of Asia in 133 BC. The view of the Temples of Apollo and Athena at sunset encapsulate all that is magical about this region.

The City Walls: What remains today of the city walls at Antalya City are a few bastions inside the city as well as Hadrian's Gate and its towers, the large tower facing the harbour and a few pieces of the harbour walls. One of the walls surrounds the yacht harbour and the other the city, almost like a horseshoe. One of the remaining towers in the Castle Gate Square is now used as a clock tower. There are four gates in the city walls, which form entrances to the city.

The Fortress at Alanya: Believed to have been built between 1226 and 1232 the fortress at Alanya is on top of the promontory and is considered to be one of the most splendid fortress's in the region. The views from the fortress are breathtaking.

  • The Olympos - Bay Mountains National Park in the province of Antalya in the Mediterranean region, for example, contains a wealth of flora and fauna, which are either endemic or relic distributions, in addition to important archaeological ruins.

  • Golf in Belek - In recent years, since the golf facilities with international quality enter into service respectively, Turkey has become an elite golf center where golf players all around the world meet in an environment of delicacy, quality and prestige.

  • Waterfalls - An excursion to Kursunlu waterfalls makes a refreshing change from the heat of the beach, and the Manavgat waterfalls and river are close by and well worth a visit.

  • Diving - Various points of Antalya's coastline provide opportunities for diving.

    Antalya Holidays - Excursions


    Visit Side, an ancient harbour whose name meant pomegranate, a pretty peninsula with several ruins. 


    See the theatre of Aspendos, one of the best preserved of the ancient world, and still used for performances.

Eating/Drinking During Antalya City (Lara) Holidays

From street-side snack stalls to the finest food in a characterful restaurant, you will find something to your taste in Turkey. There is a wide range of dishes, with each region having its own specialities, and there are an equally wide range of places in which to enjoy them. Meat dishes are the norm, but vegetarians will be find a good number of lentil and rice dishes, and stuffed vegetables. The turks love vegetables almost as much as they do meat, and the aubergine is the favourite. Freshly caught fish is available, but can be expensive. Of course, the doner kebab is a popular along with the pied (Turkish pizza). In the morning stuffed pastries or borek can be bought street stalls. For the British traveller, there will be plenty of new culinary experiences.

An authentic Turkish experience can be combined with a raucous nights drinking at one of Turkey's meyhanes. These tavernas serve raki, beer and wine, along with an awe-inspiring selection of mezes (starters), succulent kebabs and fruits of the season. A favourite location for raki drinking, the atmosphere gets louder and merrier as the night progresses.

Turkey's recent economic growth and increasing prosperity had an enormous effect on the vitality, energy and variety of its nightlife. The range of night entertainment is huge, from traditional male-dominated birahanes to techno and rave nightclubs, with new venues opening by the week. As a result, Turkey's nightlife is quickly gaining recognition as one of the liveliest in Europe.

Getting Around on Antalya City (Lara) Holidays

By Boat: There are many types of cruises that link all the resorts an villages around the area, take a Gullet cruise or a Blue Voyage cruise to explore Antalya and the surrounding areas.

By Bus: The local bus (known as Dolmus) is normally a white mini bus that travels around the resorts. There are no specified bus stops, so to stop the Dolmus just flag one down.

By Taxi: There are numerous taxis in all towns and resorts and are recognisable by their chequered black and yellow bands.

By Car: Rental cars and Jeeps are available from our representatives.

Antalya City (Lara) Holidays Shopping

Shopping in Antalya can be an exhausting, but exhilarating, experience, with everything up for grabs from the famous local jams and jellies made from a variety of fruits and vegetables, to antique jewellery, kelims, prayer rugs, leather ware, cotton clothing, traditional pottery and wood carvings. Haggling is expected and bargains can be had. The best shopping is in the Kaleici district near the city walls, along winding side streets in the old quarter.

Holidays in Antalya City (Lara) - Beaches

Kumluca and the many coves between Antalya and Finike are home to some of the most famous holiday resorts in Turkey, like Kemer, Camyuva, Belek, Cirali and Adrasan. Closer to the city, Konyaalti is 3 km west of the city, and Lara beach is 10 km east and well connected by dolmus. 

  • Side
    The beach is, of course, one of Side' main attractions, and it is hard to rival the quality of the sand or the length of the beach, with plenty of space to sunbathe even in high season. 

  • Belek
    Most of the forests, thick with pine and eucalyptus, stretch down to a marvellous and almost limitless beach of golden sand.
    Belek beaches are one of the outstanding laying eggs beaches for the aquatic turtles (Caretta caretta).

Weather and climate information

Antalya enjoys a four seasons climate. The average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius. Approximately 300 days of the year is sunny. 

Max Temp C Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Turkey 21 24 29 32 32 28 26
London 13 16 20 22 21 19 13
Sunshine Hours Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Turkey 8 9 9 11 12 9 8
London 5 6 7 6 6 5 3

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