Charity Contributions


Disadvantaged youngsters everywhere need help, whether it's to educate street children or to make life easier for seriously ill children and their families. 

Olympic Holidays therefore asks all customers to add a voluntary donation of £1 to the price of their holiday when booking to support such children in the UK and overseas. 

All contributions go to the Olympic Holidays Childcare Fund.

By the end of 2018, the Olympic Holidays Childcare Fund had donated more than £100,000 to charity.

Customers can opt out, but it’s a sum that will hardly be missed and every pound goes to children’s charities – not a penny is kept for administrative costs. 

Olympic Holidays also adds its own significant donations to boost customer contributions and we keep customers updated on the website with details about where the money is donated and the projects that are being funded.

We cannot solve every problem but together Olympic Holidays and its customers can help to give deprived and poorly children a brighter future. 

Customer feedback shows that our passengers find it ‘very satisfying’ to know that while they are enjoying their well-earned holiday, many children are also benefiting from the Olympic Holidays Childcare Fund.

CEO Clare Tobin presents £55k cheque to Alder Hay Hospital

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital has a world-class Neonatal Unit – but dealing with 275,000 patients and families  every year takes some serious funding.

Olympic Holidays' CEO Clare Tobin went along to the hospital to hand over a cheque for £55,000 to the Alder Hey Children’s Charity which raises vital funds for the hospital.

The money has already been earmarked and will pay for a sensory room named ‘Ollie’s Room’, designed to reduce stress during treatment of their young patients, and three heated cots for the Neonatal Unit.

The hospital’s Neonatal Unit opened in the 1950s and is one of only five such surgical units in the country. It continually seeks to improve and provide the best facilities and equipment which makes donations like this absolutely vital.

Clare said: "Here at Olympic Holidays, we believe that charity work is hugely important and throughout 2018 we  worked hard to raise funds for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital through a series of staff events and charitable donations from our customers.

"Staff and customers alike have shown great enthusiasm and generosity through organised cake days, BBQs, sporting achievements and online donations. I am immensely grateful to everyone involved. The team at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital work tirelessly to provide the very best care to their patients and we really hope our donation will so go some way to support their amazing efforts."

 Sensory Room

Ollie's Room will be one of 15 treatment rooms with state-of-the-at immersive distraction technology which has proved to reduce sedatives, anxiety and pain in children. Distraction equipment such as 4D projection, lighting effects and surround-sound has helped reduce the need for sedation by 40% meaning children are not exposed to unnecessary medication and staff can treat more children each day.

Heated Cots

The new heated cots in the Neonatal Unit help premature babies regulate their own body temperature, something which they are unable to do. The cots will perform a similar function as an incubator but they are more versatile and will also be used for patients who might have cardiac or respiratory problems.

Olympic Holidays' child care fund helps save lives in Egypt

Nicos Mylonas, Overseas Director of Olympic Holidays, was on hand to personally donate over £40,000 worth of screening equipment to Cairo University, Egypt. 
The chromatography machine – the most technologically advanced in this field - helps detect Thalassaemia, a deadly blood disorder that affects millions of families in the Middle East and Asia.

Olympic staff running the Bupa London 10K for Transitions UK 

On the 25th May 2015 our very own staff proudly ran the Bupa London 10K for Transitions UK.

Transitions UK is a new Charity, established in October 2014, and working initially across Herts, Beds and Bucks and North London. They are concerned for what has been called a 'lost generation' of young people in our country and are determined to make an impact in the way that we address the pressing needs among 15-25 year old in England and Wales. The plan is to grow in number and in geographical coverage and meet the needs of thousands of young people every year.

Charities benefiting from the Olympic Holidays Childcare Fund