Paradise on the Pelion Peninsula

Tucked away in the Pagasetic Gulf in eastern Greece, the Pelion peninsula is characterised by sweeping mountain vistas, enchanting villages and hideaway beaches.

Named after Mount Pelion, which majestically overlooks the peninsula, this locality is all about lush local charm and the splendour of the winding coastline. A relatively untouched part of Greece, this is a region in which to embark on magical forest hikes to discover monasteries and wonderful waterfalls, or meander through chocolate-box villages surrounded by olive groves.

The Pelion Steam Train is a great way to soak up the scenery while letting the train do the work. During the warmer months, visit the beaches at Agios Ioannis and Mylopotamos – or discover your own secluded stretch of coastline for a swim. In the winter, join families from Athens by travelling higher up the mountain for skiing adventures in Agriolefkes.

The vibe of a Pelion peninsula holiday is about the beauty of nature. For those who want a little urban buzz too, a visit to the small city of Volos is fabulous for a little shopping, waterfront eateries and day trips to tiny neighbouring islands. Elsewhere in the Pelion peninsula, discover seaside tavernas serving authentic cuisine amid a rustic atmosphere, or experience wines in local vineyards, where the vines have been nurtured by the one-of-a-kind mountain climate.


The charm of Agria village lies in its mellow seaside vibe and scattering of meze eateries with pristine sea views. Just over four miles along the coast from the city of Volos, Agria is ideal for those who want a laid-back holiday destination by the sea, with easy access to a small urban centre with an abundance of bars, restaurants and shopping opportunities.

Agria is all about the sparkling sea views that can be spotted at every twist and turn, thanks to the long stretch of coastline that characterises the locality. Days spent in Agria are all about exploring the rambling streets and soaking up the incredible views. The main beach of Agria and Souterali Beach at the far south of the village are both popular spots, and have an abundance of sun loungers. There are plenty of other spots along the coastline to wander, stop for a swim, or discover tiny chapels carved into the rockface. A perfect pocket-sized holiday destination that gives visitors a little bit of everything, Agria is all-at-once quaint and beautiful.

Secluded Cove, Pelion Peninsula


A fishing village in the sweeping south of the Pelion peninsula, Platanias is a picturesque spot to while away some time. The views out to sea are simply spectacular, and a small but perfect stretch of sandy beach is a local hub for socialising or relaxing. A short walk along the weaving coastline takes you to neighbouring Mikro Beach, with its rugged appeal and shallow turquoise waters.

Platanias may seem like a laid-back village today, but it was a vital trading port in the 19th century, and is actually built on the site of an ancient city. Visitors soak up the feeling of history while wandering around this magical locality. Plentiful meze bars, restaurants and shops selling souvenirs and locally produced olive products are all on hand to complete a perfect visit.



A quaint seaside village with a population of just 150, Chorto is a tranquil getaway location that really allows you to get into the rhythm of Greek life. Surrounded by olive groves that spill all the way down to the beach, the magical stone and wood homes in Chorto’s meandering streets are surrounded by lush Pelion peninsula nature.

Days in Chorto are all about mesmerising days by the sea, and trying out different meze and ouzo spots that are loved by locals. The village has a long and illustrious history, dating as far back as 8BC. Mixed in with the traditional stone houses are sweeping mansions, one of which is home to the Aggelinis museum, where a swathe of excavated relics can be discovered.



A large seaside village with a vibrant yet traditional atmosphere, Afissos is a brilliant holiday spot to blend activity with laid-back Greek living. The promenade is the hub of life here, set slightly higher than the water so you can enjoy the entrancing views. There are three beaches to choose from – Ampovo, Lagoudi and Kallifteri – with yet more hideaway beach spots to be discovered off the coastal path between Afissos and Lefokastro.

Afissos is a place where you can find your own peaceful spot of heaven if you want it, or immerse yourself in the vibrancy of village life. This is a locality of antiquated stone houses and towering mansions, which are the former homes of olive and silk merchants. Nowadays, there are plentiful beach bars, coffee spots and tavernas to choose from, as well as handful of souvenir shops selling locally crafted products.


Jewel in the Crown

Combine the Pelion Peninsula with the beautiful islands of Skiathios and Alonissos. With a ferry transfer of approximately 2 hours to Skiathos from Volos and then 90 minutes from Skiathos to Alonissos, this island hop adventure is a great way to experience the elegance of Eastern Greece.

You can climb Medieval castles, stroll through forests and discover more than 60 sandy beaches on stunning Skaithos. Then there's amazing Alonissos – a gem for those wanting to get away from it all.  You feel the sense of calm as you sail into elegant Patitiri, the small town and main port. Some beaches have bright white pebbles or sand creating a vivid contrast with the turquoise sea.