Top 5 things to do in Hersonissos (Our insider’s tips!)

The lively port town of Hersonissos lies on Crete’s north coast and is a beautiful location which caters to all tastes. Hersonissos boasts both a bustling night-life and stunning sandy beaches, as well as plenty of intriguing cultural places of interest, too. Just a short drive away is also the quaint village of Sissi, the perfect laid-back companion to its larger and livelier neighbour.

1/ Greek Night: A visit to Hersonissos presents the perfect opportunity to take in a traditional Greek night at one of the town’s numerous popular tavernas. Enjoy the tantalizing ‘meze’ dinner and gorgeous local wine as you are entertained by traditional Greek dancers. As the evening rolls on, why not get up on the dancefloor and give it a go for yourself, too? A fun and unforgettable night for all the family.

2/ Lychnostatis Open Air Museum: One of the town’s must-see attractions is this absorbing step back in time that is always extremely popular with visiting tourists. The museum offers you the chance to explore the lives of early Cretan islanders through an incredibly detailed re-creation of an old-fashioned Cretan village. Enjoy the herbarium and fruit gardens, take in a ceramic workshop and even watch a traditional show at the open-air auditorium.

3/ Milatos Cave: A short drive away from Hersonissos and very close to Sissi lies the Milatos Cave. You’ll need a torch and some sturdy shoes to delve down deep in to this archeological gem; however it’s the cave’s more recent history that makes it such an intriguing site. In 1823, a small band of Cretan rebels protected the local inhabitants who sheltered in the caves from Turkish invaders. They held out for nearly two weeks before suffering a devastating defeat. As such the cave is of great local significance and well worth taking the time to explore.

4/ Palace of Malia: Another interesting nearby archaeological site is the renowned ancient palace of Malia. Dating all the way back to 1900 BC and the Minoan Civilization, the site has been gradually excavated and painstakingly restored. Hiring a local guide will add to the experience as they provide a detailed history of the palace and fill you in on the mythology surrounding the area. This includes its most famous former occupant, the feared mythical beast, the Minotour.

5/ Star Beach: There’s no shortage of beaches to choose from in Hersonissos, with three huge sandy stretches as well as a collection of much smaller secluded coves nearby. By far the most popular, however, is the legendary Star Beach. Star Beach comes complete with its own waterpark filled with slides, go karts, bars, restaurants and DJs combining to make it a winning family-friendly day out.

Hersonissos and Sissi are two wonderful, unforgettable Greek destinations to add to your bucket list. Ask how we can help get you there for your next holiday by getting in touch with our experts today.