Top 5 things to do in sivota - (Our insider’s tips!)

Situated in Epirus, the mountainous north western region of Greece, Sivota is an eye-catching and quaint village set against a backdrop of great natural beauty. The surrounding area is covered with luscious green trees and its coastline is filled with sandy bays and pristine sparkling waters. The village itself is quintessentially Greek in character with the majority of tourism coming from Greeks themselves rather than overseas travellers.

Our reps on the ground have given us the following tips to making the most out of a trip to Sivota:

1/ Sivota Islands: Off the coast of Sivota sit three exotic islands each possessing their own stunning remote beach. Companies based on the mainland run regular excursions out to the islands where you can stop off for a swim in the islands’ tranquil turquoise waters as well as experiencing the great sea cave on the island Mavro Oros.


2/ Meteora and the Monasteries in the Sky: Uniquely situated on towering sandstone rock pillars, these magnificent Greek Orthodox monasteries are a unmissable cultural experience and a perfect day out for anyone looking to soak in a spot of Greek history. For those so inclined, there’s also the chance to stop at the town of Metsovo on the return journey, a vibrant location that is also a ski resort during the winter months.

3/ River Acheron (River Styx): A great family day out can be had at the legendary River Acheron, a gorgeous flowing river that is steeped in mythological connections to the Greek underworld. Read up on the fascinating legend surrounding this river, or simply take in the beautiful countryside with a walk along its banks. A nice cool dip in its waters will also provide the perfect antidote to a hot summer’s day.


4/ Vikos–Aoös National Park: One of Greece’s most picturesque locations which contains lakes, rivers, canyons and plenty of dense forest to explore. The rivers found in the park offer the chance to go kayaking and rafting, and the Vikos Gorge, one of the deepest gorges in the world, is filled with an array of rare wildlife. It’s the perfect day trip for anyone who enjoys a good hike.

5/ Drepano Beach: If it’s a fun day out at the seaside you are after, then look no further than the always popular, Drepano beach. Drepano is a long and sandy beach blessed with peaceful shallow waters. Nearby is the city of Igoumenitsa, which is the ideal spot for dinner and drinks after a long day relaxing in the sun.

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