Omodhos isideal for those looking for scenic and relaxing holiday- try to imagine a friendly village which stood still in time.


Try to imagine a village which stood still in time, the friendly inhabitants since the olden days are vine growers, in the evenings the men will still meet over a drink in the local cafes to pass time over a game of backgammon or chess while the women sit outside their homes drinking coffee and embroidering the famous needle lace. This is Omodhos, located in the district of Limassol, approximately eighteen miles from Limassol and fifteen miles from the nearest beach.

The large village square, surrounded by whitewashed stone houses and several tavernas and cafes is a welcome sight on arrival and an ideal place to gather and meet with the local people. The village itself has retained its original architectural character and the narrow streets are spotless and very picturesque. There are many other chapels built in and around the village, all with their own unique history, as well as two museums containing ancient and unique exhibits.

Omodhos holidays are ideal for those looking for scenic and relaxing holiday.