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Syntagma Square is named after the Greek word for Constitution. The name derives from the fact Greece's 1st constitution was proclaimed by King Otto, 1843.


Syntagma Square is named after the Greek word for Constitution. The name of the square derives from the fact that Greece's first constitution was proclaimed by a reluctant King Otto from a palace balcony in 1843.

This palace is now the parliament and is the building that presides on the Square. In front of it, goose stepping evzones (soldiers) in tasselled caps, the traditional fustanella (a type of white kilt), and woolly leggings change their guards at intervals in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier; on Sunday just before 11am a full band and the entire corps parades from the tomb along Irodou Attikou to the rhythm of camera shutters.


  • Historically significant area
  • Neo classic 19th century architecture

Things To Do

Athens is a large city with a multitude of things to see and do, the activities available are varied catering for both adults and children. Below are just a few activities that you may want to discover whilst on holiday on Athens:-

Attica Zoological Park: The park is situated in the suburb of Spata and is a modern Zoo and the only of its kind in Greece. The park is home to to a range of wonderful creatures including lions, tigers, black pumas, monkeys and reptiles. A visit to the zoo is a great day out for the entire family with daily show featuring birds of prey and sea lions.

The National Gardens: The gardens are absolutely beautiful and even has a small zoo. The gardens are very child friendly wit its own playground.

Mount Likavitos: Ride to the top of Mount Likavitos on a cable car, once you reach the top there is a cafe selling refreshments.

Sports: The Olympic city of Athens offers a huge range of sports to tempt the outdoor types. Many of the sports in Athens are very much water based and many beaches provide the opportunity to participate in a huge range of activities including water-skiing, windsurfing and jet-skiing. The Astir Beach Club us a lovely area of beach and has great facilities including showers, changing rooms with lockers, sun loungers and a volleyball court.

Things To See

During your visit to the magical city of Athens you'll have no shortage of things to see. For those interested in history, a holiday to Athens is a must where you'll be inundated with historic sites to visit.

The Acropolis of Athens: A flat topped rock measuring 490ft above sea level with a surface area of 3 hectares. The Acropolis is a place surrounded by Myths and known as Cecropia, after the legendary serpent man - the first Athenian king.

New Acropolis Museum: Opened on 21st June 2009 after 30 years of planning, construction and controversy. This ultra modern gallery sits in the shadow shadow of the Parthenon, for a small fee you can marvel at the unique treasures of ancient Greece. The state of the art museum building is itself a sight worth seeing, it was designed by internationally acclaimed architect Bernard Tschumi.

The Parthenon: This unique temple, dedicated to the goddess Athena, built of white marble, is one of the most magnificent masterpieces of the ancient world. It will leave a lasting impression on any of its visitors.

National Archaeological Museum: Renowned as being one of the world's best museums with a wonderful collection of sculptures, jewellery, pottery and the 2000 year old computer found in the shipwreck off the island of Antikythera.

Temple Of Poseidon at Sounion: The site was once used to worship the God of Sea, Poseidon. The idyllic spot overlooks the sea at the tip of the Attiki Peninsula offering amazing sunset views of Santorini.

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