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The largest and most southerly of all the Greek islands, wonderful and welcoming Crete has something for everyone.


The western side of Crete owes much of its appeal to the fact it is less visited than the east side of the island. However this isn't to say that it hasn't been blessed with many of the same qualities. With an abundance of natural beauty, great beaches, pretty typically Cretan villages and places of immense historical interest, this region is an absolute treasure trove of delights to explore. Crete's most impressive mountains can be found in this region. Overlooking Chania Town and containing the staggeringly spectacular Samaria Gorge the White Mountains offer great opportunities for hiking.

Chania Town is located on the most fertile region of the island and is oozing with character. The picturesque Venetian harbour is lined with numerous bars and tavernas and is the perfect place to sample the excellent fresh fish that's widely available. Nightlife is plentiful and shopping opportunities abound. The best beaches in the region are known to be located west of Chania Town and quite frankly, the resorts within this region offer everything you could want for a most enjoyable holiday in Crete.

Holidays to Western Crete offer an opportunity to experience great and often quiet beaches, excellent shopping opportunities, particularly in Chania Town as well as a beautiful landscape, including wonderful views of the white mountains which will leave a lasting impression. It is also ideal for all food lovers as you are sure to experience some of the finest local cuisine, including fresh fish, plucked from the Aegean waters the same day and local wine that Greece has to offer. 

The charming resort of Agia Marina lies just 9 kms from Chania Town and its traditional village feel coupled with its close proximity to Chania Town and not to mention great sandy beach which offer no end of watersports makes this a great place to stay whilst on holiday in Crete.

Heading east out of Chania Town and on the road to Rethymnon lies Georgioupolis which has the longest beach on the island - 9 kms of Golden sand and there is no shortage of watersport opportunities.

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Paleochora - A great beach in the southwest of the region with a wonderful 'miles from anywhere' feel.

Georgioupolis - Located between Chania and Rethymnon is Georgioupolis which has the longest beach on the island - 9 kms of Golden sand and there is no shortage of watersport opportunities.

Agia Marina - Agia Marina's long sandy beach with its excellent facilities which include watersports as well as beach bars and tavernas make this ideal for families and couples alike.

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In the north of Crete the climate is typically Mediterranean; in the south it's almost subtropical. Spring comes early with average temperatures of 15C/61F in March and 20C/68F in April.
Summers are baking hot and dry but with strong sea breezes. July and August are the hottest (and windiest) months - temperatures typically average at 25.9C/85F and can reach 40C/104F.
From November to March the weather is cooler and damper, although even in January the average temperature is 12C. During this period, many attractions close, and it can be very cold indeed in the mountains, where snow falls regularly. 

Max_temp  Max Temp C Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Crete West - Chania 16 19 23 25 25 23 20
London 13 16 20 22 21 19 13
Sun Sunshine Hours Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Crete West - Chania 7 9 11 12 11 9 6
London 5 6 7 6 6 5 3