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The largest and most southerly of all the Greek islands, wonderful and welcoming Crete has something for everyone.


The western side of Crete owes much of its appeal to the fact it is less visited than the east side of the island. However this isn't to say that it hasn't been blessed with many of the same qualities. With an abundance of natural beauty, great beaches, pretty typically Cretan villages and places of immense historical interest this region is an absolute treasure trove of delights to explore. Crete's most impressive mountains can be found in this region. Overlooking Chania Town and containing the staggeringly spectacular Samaria Gorge the White Mountains offer great opportunities for hiking.

Chania Town is located on the most fertile region of the island. The picturesque Venetian harbour is lined with numerous bars and tavernas and is the perfect place to sample the excellent fresh fish that's widely available. Nightlife is plentiful and shopping opportunities abound. The best beaches in the region are known to be located west of Chania Town and quite frankly, the resorts within this region offer everything you could want for a most enjoyable holiday in Crete.

Who holidays in Crete West Chania?

Chania holidays are great for families & couples attracted by excellent beaches and who want a good base from which to explore the north west region of Crete.

Destination Profile

Holidays to Western Crete offer an opportunity to experience great and often quiet beaches, excellent shopping opportunities, particularly in Chania Town as well as a beautiful landscape, including wonderful views of the white mountains which will leave a lasting impression. Holidays to Western Crete are also ideal for all food lovers as you are sure to experience some of the finest local cuisine, including fresh fish, plucked from the Aegean waters the same day and local wine that Greece has to offer. So whether you are more interested in history, food, wine, shopping, lazing on beaches or all of the above holidays to Western Crete are ideal for you!

The region's capital Chania Town is oozing with character. From its picturesque Venetian harbour wander the myriad of shady streets and you will be spoilt for choice by the bars, tavernas and shops that abound.

The charming resort of Agia Marina lies just 9 kms from Chania Town and its traditional village feel coupled with its close proximity to Chania Town and not to mention great sandy beach which offer no end of watersports makes this a great place to stay whilst on holiday in Crete.

Heading east out of Chania Town and on the road to Rethymnon lies Georgioupolis which has the longest beach on the island - 9 kms of Golden sand and there is no shortage of watersport opportunities.


Paleochora - A great beach in the southwest of the region with a wonderful 'miles from anywhere' feel.

Georgioupolis - Located between Chania and Rethymnon is Georgioupolis which has the longest beach on the island - 9 kms of Golden sand and there is no shortage of watersport opportunities.

Agia Marina - Agia Marina's long sandy beach with its excellent facilities which include watersports as well as beach bars and tavernas make this ideal for families and couples alike.


  • Lively resort
  • Picturesque resort
  • Sandy beaches
  • Good selection of bars and restaurants


Popular purchases for those taking Chania holidays include:-

  • Tsikoudia or Raki a local high street spirit
  • Traditional woven fabrics, Cretan Rugs and Blankets
  • Locally produced Olive Oil
  • Ceramics
  • Silverware.

Things To Do

Popular activities during holidays in West Crete include:-

  • Walking and hiking
  • Jet skiing
  • Scuba diving
  • Windsurfing
  • Rock climbing
  • Paragliding
  • Walking and hiking
  • Cycling

Fun Excursions while on Chania Holidays

Spinalonga: This one is for the sailors and sun lovers amongst you. Interested? Then come along with us to the haunting island of Spinalonga, an old Leper Colony!

Chrissi Island: An exceptional day to a tropical paradise set in the crystal clear waters of the Libyan sea. Sunbathe on the wondrous beaches of unusual coloured sand.

Unknown Crete: Travel through unspoilt villages where donkeys still travel the roads. Visit a local winery and see how wine is made with the chance to sample and buy.

Cretan Night: If you love food, drink and dancing, then you will love this night out. As you enter the venue, the Cretan lifestyle takes over as the evening is given to plenty of eating, drinking and merry making as only the Greeks know how.

Knossos: If you visit Crete and do not see the ancient palace of Knossos it compares to visiting Egypt and not seeing the pyramids. This is where European civilisation began with the dazzling Minoan people.

Jeep Safari: Travel off the beaten track through traditional mountain villages - a real chance to get a taste of real Greece.

Beach Party: Join your Olympic Reps on your very own sandy beach for an afternoon of partying in the sun! An hour and half free bar will get you in the mood to join in some wild and wicked games.

For further information and to secure your place on all the above exciting days and nights out, see your Olympic representative in the resort. The best time to book would be at the Welcome Get Together on the day after arrival.

Things To See

Samaria Gorges: Crete has the longest gorge in Europe and second in the world to the Grand Canyon. This spectacular gorge cuts through the White Mountains and is very popular amongst hikers. Apart from its beauty, the gorge is teeming with wildlife and it plays host to incredible wildflowers during spring.

The White Mountains: Containing the Samaria Gorge, Crete's most spectacular mountain range offers great opportunities for hikers.

Loutro: Accessible only by boat or by foot, the small village of Loutro on the southwest coast of Crete is an ideal place to get that far away feel!

Frangokastello: A stunning castle located with the mountains on one side and the sea on the other just, 16 kms from Plakias.

Chania Town: Stroll through the streets of the old town of Chania admiring the original Venetian buildings. The fortifications date from the 13th century. There is an archaeological and a naval museum, as well as the Historical Archives of Crete. Its picturesque Venetian Harbour is also well worth to visit.

Knossos Palace: This palace, in a beautiful site just 5 km southeast of Heraklion, is the most magnificent and evocative of Crete's Minoan sites.

Knossos and Museum: Gain an insight into the history of Crete with this tour of Knossos Palace and the Heraklion Museum.

The Archaeological Museum in Heraklion: A visit to the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion will reveal the world's finest collection of Minoan treasures.

Spinalonga Island: Made famous as the setting of the film 'who pays the ferryman?' Thousands of visitors come here every year to see the ruins of the Venetian Fortress and Leper colony. A boat transports you over to the island where there is plenty to explore. It is a great place to enjoy a barbecue and have a swim in the beautiful water before heading back.


Bus: Public buses remain a solid possibility for seeing much of region. They're inexpensive, relatively frequent, and connect to all but the most isolated villages. The downside is that the schedules are not always the most convenient for travellers with limited time. Certainly you can take them between all major resorts and towns.

Taxi: Getting around by taxi during Chania holidays is cheap and convenient. However, be sure to set the price beforehand or ensure the meter is running.

Car: An excellent way of getting around during your Chania holidays is car hire which gives you complete flexibility as well as the ability to see more of the island.

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