Lefkada Town is traditional yet cosmopolitan, the interior is lush and green and the main road follows the coastline past superb beaches.


Lefkada, meaning 'White Island', takes its name from the chalk cliffs in the south of the island. The capital, Lefkada Town, traditional yet cosmopolitan, lies at the end of a causeway linking the island to the mainland. On the eastern side of the island lies the tiny island of Skorpios - home of the Onassis family.

Who goes to Lefkada?

Holidays in Lefkada offer the opportunity to relax on one of its popular yet not overcrowded beaches or participate in a range of watersports. Lefkada holidays are a haven for cyclists looking to conquer the hills and experience the wonderful views.

Destination Profile

The island's interior is green and mountainous with one main road running round the coastline past its many spectacular beaches. The two main resorts, Nidri and Vassiliki, are both famous sailing centres. Nidri, for dinghies and yachts and Vassiliki for windsurfers. Lefkada is a quiet island with plenty of Greek character - ideal for those seeking relaxing holidays away from it all.


  • Spectacular beaches
  • Selection of tavernas and traditional restaurants
  • Immerse yourself on a traditional Greek island

Things To Do

Windsurfing in Vasiliki: Vasiliki has a reputation for being one of the best windsurfing spots in Greece. You can hire windsurfing equipment and other water sports facilities are available.

Day cruises: The boats leave from Nidri and go to the small islets of Meganisi, Sparti, Skorpidi, and Skorpios. There are some Bronze Age Tombs south of Nidri that were excavated by Wilhelm Dorpfeld in the early part of the century.

Lefkada Holidays Excursions

Make your holidays to Lefkada extra special and book one of our wonderful excursions, we have a range of excursions that have been carefully selected to cater for everyone's interests. Some of our most popular excursions are:-

Island Discovery: Find the hidden delights of this lovely island with our guided tour.

Lefkas Evening: Spend a pleasant evening in our capital. Time for shopping or a meal or both if you like.

Forgotten Islands: Visit the island that most people miss and have a relaxing day on the boat.

Sunset and Stars: Cruise to deserted beach where our guide will teach you the secrets of the night sky.

Island Hopping: A day to chill out on the beach learn a little local history and let your hair down on the return trip.

Seven Islands: Cruise to the most magnificent beaches on Lefkada and visit Ithaca and Kefalonia.

Mainland Adventure: Learn about the Oracle of the dead and explore the magical waters of the ancient river Styx.

For further information and to secure your place on all the above exciting days and nights out, see your Olympic representative in the resort. The best time to book would be at the Welcome Get Together on the day after arrival.

Things To See

The Archaeological Museum: in Lefkada Town. The collection at the Archaeological Museum includes finds from the prehistoric era, (2nd millennium B.C.) up to Roman times. Of particular interest are the finds from excavations by the German archaeologist Dorpfeld.

The Museum of Gramophones: The museum exhibits, as its name indicates a collection of gramophones but also various other objects related to the everyday life of the islanders such as jewels, coins, embroideries, photographs and traditional musical instruments. It is located in the capital of Lefkada.

The Agios Ioannis Antzoussis church: Situated 3 kilometres west of Lefkada Town, this church is the oldest church of the island. It was built by the Franks on the top of a rock on the site where an older church used to stand. Some said that Apostle Paul stopped here on his way to Rome, to spread Christianity.

Orpheus Society Folk Art Museum: Traditional Lefkadian textiles, the Lefkadian loom and traditional costumes are just some of the exhibits at the museum of the Orpheus Society which, apart from a museum also runs a choir, a musical school, a theatrical department and a radio station.