Set in the southern part of Santorini, Vlichada is a long black beach backed by dramatic white cliffs.


Vlichada is a long black beach backed by dramatic white cliffs. Located in the southern part of Santorini just west of Perivolos and east of Red Beach. Vlichada is a working marina which houses fishing boats to fancy yachts. There are tavernas close by offering fresh fish.

Who goes to Vlichada?

Perfect for everyone who wish to relax.


  • Quiet resort
  • Relaxed atmosphere

Things To Do

Popular activities during holidays in Vlichada include:

  • Sunbathing
  • Going to archaeological sites
  • Walking 

Vlichada Holidays - Excursions

Sunset cruise: Take in the spectacular views of the Caldera. Enjoy a buffet meal and unlimited wine as you watch the sunset over the magnificent island.

Volcano tour: experience Cruise over the Caldera, to the volcanic island of Nea Kameni. A guided walking tour will take you to the crater of the volcano before you cool off in the clear waters of the hot springs in Palea Kameni. Take in some of the best views on the island.

Akrotiri Archaeological Site and Museum: Explore the ruins of the ancient civilisation of Akrotiri, covered by ash from the volcanic eruption of 1500BC.

Village and Sunset in Oia: Visit the spectacular church of Panagia Episkopi, the oldest Greek Orthodox church on the island, explore the medieval village of Pyrgos, and the picturesque village of Oia, enjoying the spectacular sunset. See the real Santorini.

Tour of the wine cave museum and sample the local wines: Unlimited wine and a 4 course Greek meal whilst you are entertained all night by traditional dancers and singers.

All the above excursions, as well as other days and nights out can be booked with the Olympic representative on the day after your arrival at the Welcome Get Together. Please book at this time to avoid disappointment as we have limited availability.

Things To See

Hot Springs: Possible to visit by boat and a fantastic way to relax on your holiday. Here you can soak up the therapeutic mud and enjoy a leisurely swim. Located at Palea Kameni, next to Nea Kameni (old burnt one), which is the volcano.

Ancient Thira: The site of Ancient Thira is situated on the rocky headland of Mesa Vouno, 370 metres above sea level on the southeast coast. This site was re-colonised after the great eruption.

Akrotiri: An ancient Minoan city, located in the village of the same name, where excavations inSantorini still continue to this day. There is also a castle (Goulas) which is now ruined (after the Turkish invasion in 1617).

Fira Architecture: The capital with the spectacular architecture of its dazzling white houses. The volcano lies exactly opposite, still emitting puffs of steam. The town is situated 27.5 metres above sea level.

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