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Golfo Aranci-Olbia

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Golfo Aranci-Olbia has beautiful beaches, offering tranquility.


Golfo Aranci is a magnificent gulf set on the north eastern coast of Sardinia. The name translates to the Orange Gulf because of the distant shipwreck of a ship full of oranges. Here you will find a much more reasonably priced alternative to experience the beauty that the north-east of Sardinia has to offer. For those seeking a holiday filled with scuba diving and spotting adorable dolphins, the Orange Gulf is ideal. Golfo Aranci-Olbia used to be the village of fisherman, but with the increase in popularity this has slowly disappeared, however fishing remains a significant activity here. 

In order to get to Golfo Aranci from Olbia it is approximately a short 18 kilometer drive that is a memorable experience itself, as you will be mesmerised by panoramic views of the Gulf of Obia.

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