Guvercinlik is one of the less well known resorts on the Bodrum peninsula however it is a stunning destination surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna. It is a small bay nestled in from the Aegean Sea by fields of pine and olive trees. 


As one of Turkey's lesser known resorts, Guvercinlik is often by passed for the brighter lights of Bodrum on the south west coast but there is a plenty to see and do here. Highlights include boat trips to mysterious Salih island and hikes in the kills that back  Guvercinlik’s harbour.

The place lends itself to all kinds of daytrips. Stay local and learn about the flora and fauna that clad this rugged bit of coast or explore the cave studded seashore by boat. Alternatively visit Bodrum which is a 20 minute drive away or spend a day in the rustic villages nearby. 

Guvercinlik does not have a proper beach although there are jetties around the bay where you can sit and take in the scenery. 

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