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Meet George

Legendary storyteller and taverna owner

A well known character in Skiathos Town, George is much loved by locals and visitors alike and has never lost his enjoyment for making new acquaintances and re-telling his stories...


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George is contentedly ambling down the hill to his harbour side taverna. It takes him a little longer these days - the sense of urgency has gone, but hey, what’s the hurry? He’s lived his whole life on the island of Skiathos and in his youth he was a fisherman. He’ll tell you all about those days and so much more! He has many stories to tell. Some are a little far-fetched, but always charming and entertaining and each one told with a twinkle in his eyes, revealing a fondness for his past and the island he grew up on.

You’ll usually find George and friends, sitting under the grape vines that hang down low over the metal tables and chairs outside his taverna. There’s usually a game of dominos going down, along with a few glasses of ouzo.  

A dog is barking and the sound of a distant donkey’s bray combines with the happy chatter from some new arrivals in town. George looks up from his game, happy to see them as they appear slowly around the corner – he smiles broadly as he gets up to greet them.

In no time at all they’re sitting down and chatting, with George sharing his favourite tales. There’s the one about the huge fish he once caught, which was so big it took four men to get it on board their small fishing boat! And, he tells them about the secret beach that not many people know about - it’s a bit of a clamber down a steep rocky path, but the beauty of this tranquil cove is well worth the effort, he tells them. Then there’s his favourite goat that always eats yoghurt for breakfast!

George has noticed his wife Dora, eyeing him watchfully from the entrance to the kitchen. Oops, he’s in trouble now. He’s needed in the kitchen to put the finishing touches to his famous signature dish. It’s Mousakka on the menu today; George’s own speciality recipe and the taverna is getting busy. He’s been enjoying his conversations with old and new friends so much; he hasn’t noticed that all the tables with their red and white checked cloths are now full. Hungry holidaymakers and locals, all happily mingling in anticipation of the best home-cooked Greek food in town.

As night draws in, you’ll find George still chatting away with his customers – with many tales told and much laughter throughout the day. He recalls his days as a fisherman, while he surveys the inky black sky. He can name all the stars in the galaxy – he’ll even name one after you!  

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"On my Olympic island of Skiathos...

...I'll serve you my best stories over a glass of local ouzo"