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Meet Oliver

Aged 2, Ship's Captain and Marine Biologist

Zante, was Oliver's first proper holiday and he loved it!  Not only did he have a whale of a time splashing about in the pool, but it was his first time in the sea and it didn’t faze him a bit. A proper little water baby...


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We had chosen our hotel in Zante very carefully, so we didn’t have to pack everything but the kitchen sink for Oliver. We’d needed a hotel that would tick all our boxes for a family holiday; with plenty for my husband and i to enjoy too. Oliver mainly went to kids club in the mornings so he could nap in the afternoons, but on days when we went out for the whole day, he went to sleep a very happy little sailor.  He even enjoyed the food – bread and taramasalata being his favourites!  I would so love to know what he dreamt about.

The beaches are all amazing, with one of our favourites being Gerakas, which is hard to beat for either convenience or beauty. The most fun we had on a beach though was when we took a boat trip to Shipwreck Beach, also known as Smugglers Cove.  We went later in the afternoon when the crowds had dispersed a bit and it was cooler for Oliver too. We spotted dolphins on the way there, which Oliver thought was utterly incredible. He absolutely loved all the tales of pirates that my husband and our knowledgeable tour guide told him and his face was a picture looking at the shipwreck on the beach.  I guess it was like his story books coming to life for him. Oh, to be 2 years old again!

Clearly, by now, a huge fan of the sea - we took Oliver on a glass-bottomed boat adventure to Turtle Island (Marathonissi) to spot loggerhead turtles. Again, a winner as far as our little marine biologist was concerned.  If not a marine biologist, I reckon we may have the making of a sailor when he’s older. Or, maybe a pirate! 

It was really hard saying farewell to Zante as we had such an amazing time. I hope Oliver will remember this holiday, even though he’s still so young. If not, we literally have hundreds of photos to keep the memories alive. Or, we’ll just have to go back and do it all again!

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"On my Olympic island holiday...

...I saw dolphins on the way to Zante"

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