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Legal Documents

Legal documents

Wherever you decide to get married, you will need official documents to do so. These will be used to provide important information about your identity, where you were born and to verify that you are eligible to marry.

The essential paperwork you will need: • Birth Certificates • Any decree absolutes, deed poll certificates, adoption certificates or in case of widowed, death certificate and marriage certificate. • Affidavits (Cyprus)/statutory declarations • Other documents for non-British passport holders Additional paperwork you will need if marrying in Greece: • Certificates of no impediment • An extra official copy of all official documents as the paperwork you take to Greece will not be returned to you.


Birth Certificates

We suggest organising your official documentation as soon as possible after booking your wedding. You will need to ensure that you both have full size birth certificates with at least one parent’s name on it (preferably A4 size). It is advisable that you contact either your local births, deaths and marriages department or go to the General Register Office website ( where you can buy them online.

Decree Absolutes & Name Change Documents

If you are adopted, have been married, or have changed your name you need to make sure you have the official documentation to verify this. If you have been widowed you will need your marriage certificate and your spouse’s death certificate. Affidavits or Statutory declarations These are documents that declare you are not married and are free to enter into marriage. They are written by either a solicitor or public notary and should be issued within 3 months of your wedding date.

Other documents for non-British passport holders

If you are not a British passport holder, please contact your Embassy to obtain details of any extra documentation you may require. Please note that if your birth certificate or other personal documents are not in English, they will need to be translated and certified by your Embassy.

Certificates of No Impediments

For weddings in Greece: This document states that a registrar has checked the marriage records for previous marriages and states that you are eligible to marry. You will both have to apply for a Certificate of No Impediment by making an appointment at your local registrar’s office. You must ensure that these are issued within 3 months of your wedding date.

Legalisation and translations

For weddings in Greece: You will need to get your documents legalised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and translated into Greek. If you are marrying in Rhodes you will pay for this when you are at the resort, otherwise you will need to do this before you leave. The weddings department will inform you of the full legislative procedures in advance, please contact the Weddings Department on 020 8492 6789 for more information.