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Legal requirements in Cyprus

Legal requirements

There are a number of documents that you will need to arrange and take with you when getting married in Cyprus. So, we have provided a handy summary and guide to all of the documents below so you don’t miss them out when wedding planning. This paperwork is extremely important, so please feel free to contact us to clarify any points you are unsure of. Once you've booked your Cyprus wedding with us, we'll contact you well in advance in writing, with full details of all the necessary procedures and documents required, to ensure that everything complies with the necessary regulations.

We also advise you to send us copies of your paperwork to check before you take all original documents to resort. We will even send you a reminder letter 3 months before your wedding to prevent any problems arising for the bride and groom.

t. We will even send you a reminder letter 3 months before your wedding…..


Minimum period of residency

3 working days (civil)  

5 working days (religious)

10-year British Passports required

(Non British passport holders should contact us prior to booking, to establish correct paperwork requirements.)


Full A4 birth certificates with both parent’s name


Affidavit* (valid for 3 months). This must be prepared by a UK solicitor, a Notary Public or a Commissioner of Oaths. It must be issued on Solicitors letter headed paper, clearly showing the name and stamp of the practice. If prepared by a Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths, it must have a wax seal. We advise you to send copies of your Affidavit to us to check that they are correct before travelling to resort.

Please note that if you are a non-British passport holder, you must seek advice and permission from the relevant embassy to be issued with a freedom to marry certificate that has been apostilled.



Original of the Decree Absolute



Spouse’s original death certificate as well as their previous marriage certificate.



Proof of adoption


If you have changed your name by deed poll, or are known by a different name or have had your name altered in any way – legal proof is required.


Parental consent required in the form of an affidavit stamped by a notary (if under 18 years old)This must be supplied before the wedding is booked.


Legislation/translation of documents by Foreign & Commonwealth Office


Important legal formalities upon arrival to obtain a marriage license


Copies of witness passports (over 18 years of age) – couples are required to bring these so they can be added to the wedding license form



Copy of certificate of baptism and name and address of local Parish Priest.



In addition to the legal documents above, the bride and groom will also need to take their baptism certificate. The couple will have to complete, amongst other things, a pre-marriage course at home which should have started at least 6 months before the wedding.


Your Olympic Wedding Co-ordinator will explain all the legal procedures at your first meeting and will make the necessary appointments for you to register for and obtain the special licenses that authorises your wedding to take place during your stay, whether you are having a Civil or Religious ceremony.

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