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Catholic weddings

Catholic weddings

Catholic Weddings can take place in one of the many beautiful and traditional churches and chapels in Cyprus. All you have to do is choose which one!

You can choose from some wonderful settings. Perhaps the historic and beautifully decorated St Catherine’s Church in Limassol, or the St George's Chapel covered in wonderfully colourful frescoes in Paphos, or even the ancient and striking Terra Santa Church in Larnaca.

Catholic ceremonies can take place in Cyprus providing that: one of you is Catholic; neither one of you has been divorced and that you have both been baptised in a Christian church.

The Catholic wedding ceremony must be preceded by a civil wedding ceremony in order to be a legally binding marriage in the UK. The Catholic church will recognise the Catholic wedding, however the church wedding ceremony alone is not sufficient by UK Law.  Therefore you are required to have a civil ceremony as well as the Catholic one. We at Olympic Weddings will automatically book a civil wedding at the same time that we book your Catholic Church wedding.

Some Catholic couples choose to celebrate the civil wedding as well as their Catholic wedding, but many see the civil wedding as a legal requirement and do not invite their guests (just two witnesses), and keep their Catholic church ceremony as their 'real' wedding, where they celebrate with family and friends.

There is very specific paperwork required in order to have a Catholic wedding in Cyprus and if any of this is not completed then the marriage cannot take place. Therefore it is essential that the correct procedure is followed. When you book a Catholic wedding with Olympic Weddings, we will give you full details of what procedure must be followed and the correct paperwork that is required from your local Parish and Diocese giving permission for you to marry in Cyprus.

The Catholic church recommend that you start this process at least six months before your marriage in Cyprus.

Olympic Weddings also offer 'Wedding Only' for those of you that want the flexibility of booking your own holiday and letting us take care of everything else. Contact us for more details. 

When thinking about a Catholic wedding please consider how many guests will be coming, as your prefered venue may not be suitable. All Catholic weddings must take place inside a sanctioned chapel or church.

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