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The Top Photography Spots in Skiathos

With the turquoise Aegean Sea lapping at its shores, the westernmost island in the Northern Sporades group, Skiathos, makes an incredible holiday destination for budding photographers. Crystal-clear waters, golden, sandy beaches and unspoilt vistas are picture-perfect, with the breathtaking landscape providing the perfect backdrop for your holiday snapshots.

Whether you’re strolling around one of the gorgeous towns or villages, capturing the ancient architecture or the vibrant, colourful cultures or are fascinated by the glistening sea, attempting to capture the brilliant blue, the island is home to a plethora of spots which are perfect places for you to practice your photography. So, grab your camera and visit a few of our favourite locations below.


Skiathos bay at night

Skiathos is home to a myriad of incredible beaches that have remained virtually untouched, allowing them to maintain their charm. Not only should these beaches be on your must-visit list as their beauty translates wonderfully in photos, but also because these spots are great if you’re looking to relax whilst on your Skiathos holiday.

When it comes to taking landscape photos of beaches, there are a few things that you need to consider in order for you to really capture your setting. Lighting is everything! That's why we suggest opting for natural lighting on many different times during the day. The so-called golden hour is perfect to capture the perfect snap. One hour before the sunset and one hour after the sunrise are the best hours to catch the perfect lighting, as during this time the sun is low on the sky and the light is soft, diffused and warm. For those who want to make use of shadows and silhouettes, the middle of the day, when the light is harsh is the perfect hour. It might not be the best hour for portraits, but it's perfect for being creative! What's more, the lighting of overcast skies is ideal for portraits. That's because the cloudy sky doesn't create harsh shadows, as the light is diffused naturally.

Despite the island being small in size, it is mighty in the variety of beaches that it has to offer you. From hidden gems which are only accessible via boat to more popular choices where you may have to dodge a few topless sunbathers, we’ve included a few of our favourite below.

Lalaria Beach

Skiathos bay

This beautiful beach is perfect if you’re planning on wowing your friends at home with snaps of crystal-clear waters and a stretch of pristine sands. Only reachable from a boat, make the most of a day at Lalaria and brush up on your photography skills, making sure to check the exposure on your camera, with slightly overcast conditions providing a better image.

For the best photos whilst at Lalaria Beach, capture the waves crashing through the hole in the white cliffs, or head to the blue and dark caves, which again are only accessible by a boat.


Skiathos beach

Lined with luscious green pine trees that contrast fabulously with the golden bay, Koukounaries is a great place to take a few holiday snaps. Whether you try and capture the lines of sunbeds, neatly arranged near the shore or fancy your hand at a few portraits of your family and friends with an unspoilt backdrop, this spotlessly clean beach makes the perfect setting.

Not only is this sun-kissed spot a good location for sunbathing, but the brilliant blue of the sea is a haven for watersports enthusiasts. From the comfort of your sun lounger, try your hand at snapping photos of jet skis and boats, injecting some life and movement into your photos. Or, if your equipment permits, slip into a wetsuit and scuba dive amongst the fishes for the perfect underwater photoshoot.


Skiathos building

Skiathos is home to a plethora of monasteries; from the Monastero di Pangia Evangelistria and the Panagia Eikonistria Monastery to the Agios Nikolaos Church and Clock Tower, many of these landmarks offer panoramic views over the Skiathos countryside, allowing you to see the hustle and bustle of the towns below whilst still allowing you to marvel at the magical landscape of the island.

Each of these places are great if you’re looking to improve your architectural photography. The texture of the bricks used lends itself wonderfully to photos taken both up-close and using a wider angle. Shoot on a clear day where the sun can gently illuminate each building for the best results.

Skiathos Town

Skiathos town

Composition is the key, so follow the so-called rule of thirds, by moving the subject of your photo to the side. To improve composition, balance your photos and create a natural flow. To make the subject stand out, go close to it and focus on it. The result will be amazing! Most importantly, however, photography is all about having fun, being creative and never stop being inspired! 

Sometimes, you can feel overwhelmed when heading out to shoot on location – especially if you’re on holiday and planning on visiting a couple of different places in a day. Manuel from Location Scout has a couple of tricks up his sleeve in order to ensure that he gets the perfect shot, and he shared them with us: “There are two tips that I would recommend to amateur photographers, both of which have helped me to dramatically improve my own photography skills over the years. Firstly, focus on one thing. Photography is not about the gear, it’s about what you can achieve with what you have with you and the less gear you have the better. Use one lens only, get a sturdy tripod and a cheap remote control and you are ready to go.

“Secondly, learn how to process your images, because that is what defines your style and will allow you to get the most out of the photos that you have taken. Timing and location are the most important ingredients for the perfect photo, but the post-processing has the ability to take it to the next level”.

The mountainous landscape of Skiathos Town, where pine tree-covered hills and streaked with whitewashed buildings is a must-see if you’re hoping to take a postcard-perfect picture. The terracotta roofs atop of the white buildings create a wonderful colour palette and the white of the buildings reflect the light beautifully.

Skiathos sea

When on holiday, it’s normal that you’ll dive into a couple of dishes that are bursting with flavour, but that also look delicious when presented to you. Taking photos of food is increasingly becoming a trend, so learning how to shoot it is an essential skill that you’ll no doubt use time and time again.

If you’re planning on boasting to your friends at home about the culinary delights that you’ve sampled, it’s only right that the food tastes as good as it looks! The Windmill Restaurant, just metres away from Banana Beach, not only offers a fine dining menu including dishes such as fried calamari and grilled smoked Ribeye pork steak, but the setting is simply dreamy. Head to this restaurant at dusk to enjoy the sun setting, being sure to capture a couple of photos of the tangerine sky.

Watching the sunset with your partner can be incredibly romantic, so ensuring that you’ve taken the perfect photo to commemorate the occasion is essential. Tucking into a fresh salad using locally sourced ingredients at Terra Petra Rooftop Restaurant will provide you with sweeping views of the unspoilt coastline over dinner. Try not to get too preoccupied with snapping the perfect photo, however, and make sure to leave enough space for dessert!

Top spots for photography in Skiathos

View of Skiathos

If you’re thinking of booking a holiday to Skiathos, make sure that you visit the spots listed below in order to take pictures that are sure to be the envy of all your friends:

  • Lalaria Beach
  • Koukounaries beach
  • Monastero di Pangia Evangelistria
  • Panagia Eikonistria Monastery
  • Agios Nikolaos Church and Clock Tower
  • Skiathos Town
  • The Windmill Restaurant
  • Terra Petra Rooftop Restaurant

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