Egypt at a glance

Egypt, the seat of civilisation, has drawn visitors throughout history, enthralled by the majesty of the monuments which have remained largely unaltered through time. You cannot say the name without visualising the seemingly unfeasible, sand-blown pyramids on the edge of the arid desert at Giza, or the Sphinx whose calm eyes watch unblinking the passing of the centuries. But these represent just one facet of Egypt's rich archaeology; her cultural heritage has been moulded by Greek, Roman, Christian and Arab influences, all leaving their mark and shaping her present.

The heart of the capital, Cairo, which means 'conqueror', has retained its medieval character in numerous examples of Islamic architecture, earning it the nickname 'The City of a Thousand Minarets'. It was founded in 10th century AD, but the present day city bears remnants of successive capitals in the architecture of Old Cairo. Meanwhile, all around it life takes a chaotic lurch into 21st century modernity: a taxi ride through the city streets will leave your nails dug deeply into the fabric of a shabby seat. Yet still people throng the timeless bazaars, haggling for bargains amid the intense hues and exotic aromas which characterise this tapestry of middle eastern life.

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Where to stay in Egypt

Hurghada marina, Red Sea Egypt


When you holiday in Hurghada you’ll find the attractions extend far beyond the glorious white-sand beaches and luxurious hotels. Along 19 miles of coast, in eastern Egypt, the clear waters and beautiful coral reefs with exotic marine life are waiting to be ex…

El Gouna

El Gouna

A modern resort town on the shores of the Red Sea, near Hurghada. It is known for its lagoons, coral reefs and sandy beaches.

Soma Bay Beach, Red Sea, Egypt

Soma Bay

Located on the eastern shores of Egypt ​Red Sea coast, Soma Bay is surrounded by three sides of the sea and the resort itself boats some of the most beautiful beaches on the Red Sea.

Beach (3)

Makadi Bay

A resort town located on the shores of the Red Sea.

Sahl Hasheesh beach, Egypt

Sahl Hasheesh

Sahl Hasheesh is a great place for beaches and Sahl Hasheesh Old Town is the heart of the resort with small local restaurants and bars.

Snorkelling Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El-Sheikh

As one of the most established resorts along the Red Sea Riviera visitors can enjoy popular Na'ama Bay or explore the quieter Old Town. Surrounded by a crystal-clear blue sea and a stunning desert landscape, Sharm el-Sheikh is far more than a resort town. Oly…

Safaga Egypt


Just a 30-minute drive from the tourist hot spot Hurghada lies the smaller coastal town of Safaga.

Best Time to Visit Egypt

For the majority of the year, the weather in Egypt is hot and dry. In the north, the winter months of December, January and February can be quite cold with Cairo and the coast experiencing night temperatures as low as 8 deg C. The desert, day to night, can swing between searing heat and bitter cold.

However, in the resorts on the Mediterranean coast, the average temperature is around 20 deg C getting up to about 31 deg C as a maximum. Of course, further south, temperatures can get much higher, sometimes upto around 50 deg C.

Alexandria, on the northern coast, gets the most rain, about 19cm per annum, but in Aswan it is only about 10mm and Al-Kharga in the western desert, has been known to go 17 years without a drop falling! In spring, a hot,dry wind, or khamsin, blows in at 150km an hour from the desert, turning the sky orange and leaving a gritty deposit throughout.

Egypt travel advice

Buses: The intercity bus service in Egypt is good offering reasonable comfort at a reasonable price. The network is extensive making it very easy to get where you want to go with little difficulty or expense. Advance booking is advisable on the most popular routes, or those with few runs timetabled. Local buses in Cairo and Alexandria (the only cities with their own bus systems) is chaotic, however. Don't expect a seat.

Mini-bus: An alternative is the minibus which leaves once full. Standing is not permitted in theory, though this is frequently ignored.

Tube train: Cairo is the only city which has an underground system. It is, however, clean, efficient and a good value way to travel. The front carriage is for women travellers only.

River bus: You can get to Giza, Manial and Misr al-Qadima (the old part of Cairo) on a leisurely 50-minute ride on a river bus. There are three departures daily from downtown Maspero: one at 8am, one at 2pm and the last at 9pm.

Taxi: The old, unmetered black and white taxis which can be hailed street-side now face competition from pre-orderable yellow taxis which a bit more expensive, and which are metered. Hold on tight for a nerve jangling experience. Tipping is expected at around 10%.

Car: An international driving permit is required for hiring cars in Egypt. You'll also need nerves of steel and sharp reactions to drive in the centre of Cairo, however. If you do decide to hire a car, keep your ID papers on you and your permit, as it is quite common to be stopped and, if without them, fined.