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Croatia at a glance

Croatia’s natural beauty and fine all-year climate make it a wonderful choice for holidaymakers who want a chill-out break from their busy lives.

In Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic, relax in the lap of luxury in a top-class hotel with a stunning spa, or for couples and families looking for flexibility and freedom, Olympic Holidays has a selection of apartments to suit all tastes for the 2016 season.

Take a walk around the Dubrovnik’s medieval walls to get a sensational view of the red-tiled rooftops set against the dazzling azure sea and when it’s time for a rest, stop in a friendly bar or restaurant to savour a view of the Adriatic.

Although there aren't many sandy beaches in Croatia, you'll be amazed by the beauty of the pebbly shores lapped by clear turquoise waters. There are many secluded coves to be explored and the waters are ideal for all types of watersports, including snorkelling. Enjoy healthy living with a swim in the crystal clear sea or head to the hillsides and national parks for leisurely walks or cycling in the clear pine-scented air.  After all the activity, satisfy your appetite with Croatia’s fresh seafood and speciality produce including cheese, olives and delicious local wines.

Holidays to Croatia provide visitors with the ideal opportunity to explore the local markets and find wonderful locally produced items such as pottery, lace, handmade silk ties, shawls, scarves as well as a wealth of other interesting souvenirs to remind you of your Croatia holidays. Traditional handicrafts such embroidery and ceramics are widely available making lovely souvenirs.

Tourists can reclaim VAT on any expenditure of more than 500 Kn. Visitors should ensure that all receipts are retained as the financial police have the power to levy fines to visitors without the relevant documents; this is to prevent VAT evasion by shopkeepers.

Croatia has more than 1,100 islands so hop on a boat to discover the gentle shorelines and chic harbours in this holiday idyll.

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The best time to go to Croatia

The climate is typically Mediterranean along the Adriatic coast, meaning warm dry summers and mild winters, and with 2,600 hours of sunlight on average per year its got one of the sunniest coastlines in Europe! The further inland you travel, however, the climate becomes more continental; with hot summers and cold, snowy winters.

Max Temp C Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Croatia 17 22 26 30 28 26 18
London 13 16 20 21 21 17 15
Sunshine Hours Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Croatia 6 8 9 10 9 7 6
London 5 6 7 6 6 5 3

Where to stay in Croatia


Split Area

Split in Croatia is a captivating city on the Dalmatian Coast, blending rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. At its core is the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Diocletian's Palace, a marvel of Roman engineering from the 4th century. The city sea…


Istrien Area

Explore Istria: A Scenic Adriatic Getaway with Rich History and Culinary Delights Nestled along the Adriatic Sea, the Istrian peninsula emerges as a magnetic destination, celebrated for its proximity to Italy and a captivating coastline adorned with bays and…


Dubrovnik Area

Embark on a holiday to the Dubrovnik area of Croatia, a true "jewel of the Adriatic" where the rich history seamlessly blends with the allure of pristine beaches. The ancient walled city of Dubrovnik, built in the 13th century, beckons with its atmospheric arc…

Croatia Cruises

Croatia Cruises

Embark on a journey of discovery as you explore the breathtaking beauty of Croatia through these exclusive Croatia cruises offering a unique way to experience the charm of this coastal gem. Glide through the Adriatic Sea discovering hidden coves, ancient towns…

Things To Do

If you're in search of things to do in Croatia then try one of the many activities on offer.

Hiking: Holidays in Croatia are a perfect choice for those who enjoy walking and hiking with numerous interesting walks and trails to be explored. The national parks offer particularly picturesque walks including the Plitvice Lakes and on the islands of Brijuni and Mljet. More challenging hikes lead to the head of Mount Biokovo and the Velebit mountains located in north Dalmatia.

Tennis: An extremely popular pass time for Croatians and interest has grown since Goran Ivanisevic's success in 2001 at Wimbledon. There are some excellent tennis schools in Croatia and many hotels boasting tennis facilities.

Diving: Scuba diving is a must for those taking Croatia holidays due to the beautifully clear and calm sea. The Adriatic sea has many ancient Greek and Roman artefacts that are waiting to be discovered. Diving courses and packages can be booked in resort for both experienced divers and beginners.

Sailing: A popular pass time for those taking Croatia holidays and the perfect way to see the coastal islands and networks of small archipelagos.

Things To See

Dubrovnik City: Visit the ancient walled city of Dubrovnik, this magical place is where the perfectly preserved streets and buildings will make you feel as though you have stepped back in time to the 12th century. Dubrovnik also offers a number of atmospheric churches and monasteries.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival: This summer festival takes place each year, from mid-July to late August featuring open-air evening performances of theatre, jazz and classical music in the old town. Zagreb and Split also have summer festivals.

Zagreb: Visit Croatia's capital, the country's economic and cultural heart with plenty of sights including Gornju Grad's monuments, St Mark's Church, the Parliament (Sabor) and the cathedral.

Pula: The largest city in Istria and home to the well preserved Roman amphitheatre one of the most famous sights in Croatia. Built during the 1st century AD, the three-story amphitheatre is the sixth largest in the world. During the summer the amphitheatre hosts the Pula Opera Festival and other events throughout the year. Other sights in Pula include the Triumphal arch of the Sergii, the Temple of Augustus, the Cathedral and the Franciscan Church and Monastery.


Discover Croatia's diverse landscapes and historic cities with our comprehensive transportation guide. From flexible car rentals at major airports to an extensive intercity bus network operated by companies like Autotrans and FlixBus, we've got your travel covered. Cruise along the stunning coastline and connect with islands through popular ferry routes like Split to Hvar or Dubrovnik to Korčula. While trains offer a scenic journey between major cities, taxis, airport shuttles, and ride-sharing services like Uber provide convenient options for city exploration. Dive into the beauty of Croatia with cycling along dedicated paths or leisurely walks in pedestrian-friendly zones. Don't miss the chance to explore Croatia's national parks, such as Plitvice Lakes and Krka, with guided tours or public transportation. Your safety is a priority, so be vigilant against petty theft and follow local safety guidelines. Respect local customs by learning a few basic Croatian phrases, as English is widely spoken in tourist areas. Plan your trip seamlessly with our transportation advice, ensuring you make the most of Croatia's rich cultural heritage and natural wonders.

The country's excellent bus network is far-reaching and reasonably priced. Trains are cheaper and more comfortable than the bus, but also slower except for the new high-speed train between Zagreb and Split.

All the usual car rental chains are represented in Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik and most Istrian towns. Drive on the right side of the road. The spectacular Adriatic highway from Italy to Albania runs along the steep slopes of Croatia's coastal range, and is one of the most exciting drives in the world.

If you can get where you're going by ferry, then do it - cruising among the islands of the Adriatic certainly beats sitting on a bus, no matter how cheap or fast it is. Jadrolinija coastal ferries ply the waters between Dubrovnik and Rijeka, stopping at Split and Korcula.


Holidays to Croatia are great for food lovers who will be able to try a great range of cuisine. Fresh seafood is widely available and absolutely delicious, the restaurants are constantly serving a wide variety of fresh fish caught from the pristine Adriatic Sea. If you are not a fan of seafood there many other alternatives including tasty meats such as ham and salami, cheeses and refreshing wines.

For those taking Croatia holidays with adventurous palates, the traditional cuisine is amazing with dishes such as bean stew, pork half shanks Podravina style, burek (meat pie) and Dalmatian style Cod to name a few.

If you enjoy winding down over a beer then Croatia holidays are right up your street. Try some of the high-quality Croatian beers on your holiday: Zagreb's Ozujsko Pivo or Karlovacko Pivo or Tuborg. In the region of Dalmatia, there are also some excellent red wines, the perfect souvenir of your holiday to Croatia.