Experience more than one island on your Greek holiday

Experience more than one Island on your Greek island-hopping adventure.

Decide your pace and place – escapism in a small, deluxe hotel before another hop for cultural immersion? Perhaps you want to party ‘til dawn and sleep in the sunshine all day or hit the water to try a new hobby from sailing to scuba diving. Whatever your choice, there’s always warm hospitality across the islands and a wide selection of islands, resorts and hotels to choose from.

There’s always a taverna just round the corner that’s buzzing with locals – so join them for mouthwatering meze, washed down by a refreshing glass or two for a satisfying taste of authentic Greece.

Talking of whetting your appetite, here are some of our favourite island combinations to demonstrate how island hopping can mean fun and flexibility with a choice of off-the-grid, authentic, luxury and family options.

Skiathos town_Greece.jpg

Emerald Gems

  • Skiathos - Skopelos - Alonissos - Skiathos
  • Hop between islands in the Sporades
  • Best for beaches
  • Carefree barefoot relaxation or fun for the family
  • Countryside air, verdant landscapes and marine parks
  • Prices from £1315 per person
Lindos Rhodes, Greece

Family Favourites

  • Rhodes - Symi - Kos
  • Hop between islands in the Dodecanese
  • Best for families
  • Easily connected by ferries and catamarans
  • Medieval old towns, harbour towns and cosmopolitan chic
  • Prices from £1199 per person

Romantic Greece

  • Santorini - Naxos - Mykonos
  • Hop between islands in the Cyclades
  • Best for luxury, romance and iconic sights
  • Picture-perfect destinations to fall in love with
  • Some of the best sunsets in Greece
  • Prices from £1879 per person
Cape Sounion Athens Greece

Authentic Greece

  • Athens - Poros - Spetses - Athens
  • Hop between Islands from Athens to the Saronic Islands
  • Best for couples and families
  • Great for combining city with beach
  • Fun, culture, history, cuisine, scenery
  • Prices from £1499

Ionian Dreams

  • Corfu - Sivota - Lefkas
  • Hop between the Ionian Islands
  • Best for couples and families
  • Combine beach, with green landscapes
  • Plenty of fun to be had and lots of things to see and do
  • Prices from £1175 per person
Balos Beach, Chania, Crete, Greece

Chase the sun

  • Rhodes - Karpathos - Crete
  • Hop between these southerly Greek islands
  • Best for early or late summer
  • Experience the longest summers in Greece
  • For an interesting combination of islands to suit all
  • Prices from £1449
Naousa Village_Paros_GREECE.jpg (1)

Sunset Dreams

  • Crete - Paros - Santorini
  • Hop from Crete to the Cyclades
  • Best for sunsets and romance
  • Enjoy delicious Greek cuisine
  • Combine indulgence with culture and fill your days and nights with fun
  • Prices from £1025

Myths, Legends and History

  • Rhodes - Halki - Karpathos
  • Hop between these islands in the Dodecanese
  • Best for culture vultures
  • Karpathos - New for Olympic Holidays in 2019
  • Great for experiencing more of the Dodecanese
  • Prices from £970