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Cookies on this site

To make full use of some of the features on this website, your web browser will need to accept cookies.

This page lists the cookies which may be sent to your browser by this site and what we use each cookie for. Please bear in mind that if you disable cookies in your browser, certain features of this website cannot be provided to you.

Cookies used on this site 

Below is a list of the main cookies used by this site and what each is used for: 

Cookie Name What we use them for

Used to remember if you have already responded to the message notifying you that cookies are used on this website.


Used to remember if the website CMS has been updated.


Used to store information to enhance the overall user experience of this site. This site may use this cookie to remember certain settings and where a user been in the site.


Used by the website CMS to help display content.


Used by the website CMS to help display editor content.


Used by the website CMS to help preview content.

Third-party cookies

Whilst using this site, we may from time-to-time use content from other external sites, for example a video from YouTube or a map from Google. We may also provide you with the opportunity to share information with others using social networks such as Facebook.

As a result, you may be sent cookies from these other websites. This site does not control these cookies. Please check these third-party websites for more information about the cookies they use.

Third party cookies used on this site include: 

Cookie Name  What their cookies are used for

This site uses Google Maps to search for our locations.
Google Maps is also used to locate the nearest and
most relevant locations when customers select an
online shopping service.

Google's privacy policy:

More information about cookies

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