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Unique Bellver Castle is the only round castle in Spain. It has a moat with a drawbridge, three towers and a keep. But those attractions are unlikely to be the lasting memory.

The grand castle has a prominent hilltop position – and the views are spectacular. In fact, the local name for it is Castell de Bellver, from the Catalan for “lovely view”. And it is. You can see the gorgeous Bay of Palma. Majorca’s World Heritage mountain range and the capital city.

The castle, that is surrounded by pine trees, was built in the 14th century as a fortress and has been used as both a prison and a royal residence. These days it’s a big tourist attraction and its round courtyard is used as an unusual open-air venue for concerts.

Eight rooms are used as a museum which tells the long, colourful and dramatic history of the island. The old kitchen, with its smoke-blackened walls, and the chapel are also open to visitors.

Bellver Castle
Bellver Castle, Palma, Majorca

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