Nestled at the mouth of the Cetina River, Omiš is a Croatian coastal town that captivates with medieval charm and natural wonders. From its historic fortresses to thrilling river adventures, Omiš invites exploration.


Omiš, a picturesque town on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, enchants visitors with its unique blend of historical significance and natural beauty. Nestled at the mouth of the Cetina River, this charming destination is framed by imposing cliffs and the Adriatic Sea, creating a breath taking backdrop.

The town's medieval heritage is evident in the historic Fortica fortress, perched atop a hill, offering panoramic views of Omiš and its surroundings. Omiš is renowned for its maritime history, with the Mirabella Fortress and pirate tales adding a captivating layer to its cultural tapestry.

The Cetina River, winding through dramatic canyons, provides thrilling opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Rafting and zip-lining adventures allow visitors to immerse themselves in the stunning natural landscape. Omiš' pristine beaches, such as Brzet and Punta, offer relaxation and water activities, while the charming old town beckons with narrow cobblestone streets and vibrant markets.

Music enthusiasts flock to the annual Omiš Festival of Dalmatian Klapa, celebrating traditional a Capella singing. Local tavernas and seafood restaurants along the waterfront serve up authentic Dalmatian cuisine, completing the sensory experience in this coastal haven. Omiš, with its seamless blend of history, nature, and vibrant culture, promises an unforgettable Croatian escape.

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