The area is rich in green vegetation due to the constant supply of spring water and is ideal for a quiet and relaxing holiday.


Book a holiday to the lovely village of Miliou located just 13 kms from Polis and Latchi. The picturesque Miliou Village nestles on the Laona plateau, upon arrival you'll be greeted by the aroma of the therapeutic sulphur springs.

Miliou is a quaint tiny village with a population of 60 people and is one of the smallest villages in Cyprus. The area is rich in green vegetation due to the constant supply of spring water, Miliou Village has perfect conditions for growing citrus fruits, almonds and grapes. The grapes produce some wonderful wines which you must take the opportunity to sample during your holidays in Miliou Village. During springtime the village and surrounding areas are a spectacular sight with the laden orange and lemons trees.

Who holidays in Miliou?
Holidays in Miliou Village are ideal for a quiet and relaxing holiday. Nature lovers and bird watching is popular and the village is renowned for being a nesting site for nightingales.

Destination Profile

If you're in need of relaxation away from the crowds and want something different to the stereotypical Mediterranean beach resorts then holidays to Miliou Village are the answer. The village has stunning mountain and valley views, the area is perfect for longs walks where you can admire the beautiful surroundings.

Miliou is one the villages involved in the Laona Project, this is a non profit making organisation responsible for ecotourism and rural regeneration. The picture postcard limestone houses are an excellent example of traditional village architecture, thanks to the Laona project many more have been restored.


  • Natural beauty
  • Relaxed
  • Traditional rural village

Things To Do

The valley is a wonderful place to spend your days, holiday in Miliou Village are popular for walking, hiking and bird watching.

Things To See

Miliou Village has a monastery called Agii Anargyri, built in 1649 and considered to one of the first in Cyprus. The monastery is now used as a spa hotel and is one of the areas most popular sights.