Swim the Canal D'Amor at Sidari and the legend promises that you will find 'the love of your life'.


Swim the Canal D'Amor at Sidari and the legend promises that you will find 'the love of your life'. And if that is not enough to tempt you to this part of the world, the superb sandy beach and a good range of watersports most certainly will. Sidari has no shortage of places to eat at reasonable prices, shops and supermarkets to cater for all your needs and a good choice of bars. Sidari is still very much a typically Greek resort where families enjoy seeing the kids playing on the beach on the vast expanses of sand.

Who holidays in Sidari?

Sidari holidays are an excellent treat for the children as well as anyone looking for a lively and picturesque holiday resort.


  • Superb beaches
  • Variety of restaurants, bars & two discos
  • Picturesque
  • Many sandy beaches

Things To Do

Popular activities for those taking holidays in Sidari include:

  • Golf course in the Ropa Valley
  • Mountain bike tours
  • Watersports.

Things To See

The Archaeological Museum: Even if you're not a devotee of ancient history or museums, you should take an hour to visit this small museum. The museum contains a wealth of archaeological finds from Corfu, including many from the Temple of Artemis in Corcyra (the ancient capital) on the peninsula south of modern Corfu Town. From the Temple of Artemis is the attic (pediment) that has a well-preserved Archaic sculpture of Medusa and from the Tomb of Menecrates a funerary statue of a crouching lion.

The museum of Asian Art: The centre piece of the museum is the collection of Chinese porcelains, bronzes, and other works from the Shang Dynasty (1500 B.C.) to the Ching Dynasty (19th c.). There are also strong holdings of Japanese works - woodblock prints, ceramics, sculpture, water colours, and netsuke (carved sash fasteners). You may not have come to Greece to appreciate Asian art, but this is one of several unexpected delights in Corfu.

Achillion Palace in Gastouri: The site of the summer palace of the Empress Elisabeth of Austria and the last Kaiser. This palace was built in 1892, at a beautiful spot on top of a mountain overlooking the sea on one side, and the mountains on the other side. There is a small museum in the building which has relics and ordinary objects from the empress collection and portraits her and her time on Corfu. It's a lovely day trip because the views are excellent and the building is a very impressive classical style monument with a breathtaking garden.

Pelekas: A lovely village set on a hill, whose summit is the best place from which to watch the sun go down. Pelekas has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for sandy beaches and tavernas fringed by timeless olive groves; watersports and nightlife; traditional food and drink; you will always find a warm welcome in Pelekas.