Karavomylos is a picturesque fishing village on the eastern coast of Kefalonia, where authentic Greek food and a host of natural beauty sites are the order of the day. A feast for all the senses.


A picturesque fishing village in the western part of Sami, Karavomylos is just one kilometre from the harbour on the east coast of Kefalonia. Karavomylos holidays are enjoyed by visitors looking for a relatively quiet, relaxing holiday in picturesque surroundings.

Expect smooth white pebbled beaches hare lined with eucalyptus trees that provide welcome shade from the heat of the Mediterranean sun. An area well known for its natural beauty, you can sail across the huge lake, spotting bird life all the way to the Island of Ithaca.  A cluster of tavernas providing classic Greek delicacies can be found in Karavomylos. Try some delicious Kefalonia meat pie while you’re here; various meats are combined with feta cheese and herbs and olive oil and wrapped in filo pastry.  And if you’re looking for more places to dine out on deliciously underrated Greek food, the livelier resort of Sami is only five minutes by car or if you fancy a stroll along the promenade, it’s about 800 metres along a coastal path and once there, you can have an ouzo or two and do some shopping.

Stumble across some of the most famous natural sights in Kefalonia and discover why the surrounding area around Karavomylos is such a popular place to visit for interesting geological phenomena. Take time to stop off at the impressive cave of Drogarates to see rare and beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. The cave’s interior is so huge it could easily host a concert and in fact the acoustics are very similar to that of ancient theatres. Close by the cave you’ll also find the mysterious underground lake of Melissani. First discovered in 1951 by the speleologist Yiannis Petrohelos, the 30 metre deep lake is hidden inside an underground cave. Don’t miss out on seeing this impressive sight which has been made easy for visitors to explore since a large part of the roof collapsed.

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Karavomylos Holidays - Excursions

Make your Karavomylos holidays extra special and book one of our wonderful excursions. Carefully selected to cater for everyone's interests, here's just a few of our most popular excursions to tempt you:

Island Tour: Discover the wonders of one of the most beautiful islands in Europe. See it all in one day so you can then return to your favourite areas later in the holiday. Your chance to discover the stunning unspoilt island of Kefalonia. Breathtaking mountain scenery, underground caves, natural beaches and traditional villages. A guaranteed fantastic day out! A chance to discover all that the island has to offer!

3 Islands Cruise: A day out on a boat is equivalent to 3 days on the beach so slap on the high factor sun cream. See some of the most spectacular rocky coastline from the sea

Island Hopping: Join us as we set sail, stopping off at the Islands of Meganissi, Lefkada and Skorpios, the island owned by the famous Onassis family. Relax and unwind, swim and soak up the rays as we stop off at some different beaches along the way. Ideal for boat and sun lovers alike!

Capital Delights: Shop for the most authentic goodies to take home with you. Check out the colourful local way of life in the island's vibrant capital. Do you enjoy a relatively faster paced couple of hours and shopping as well as people watching whilst relaxing in one of the many cafes and bars? A chance to wander around the island's' capital is a must! Browse through the narrow streets, taking in all that this lovely capital has to offer!

BBQ Cruise: A relaxing day out, highly recommended for all. A day of fun and relaxation, if the idea of 'Busy Doing Nothing' appeals to you then this is the perfect day out! Spend the day relaxing on the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea. If you fancy something a bit more energetic, then why not try your hand at some Champagne Diving or a spot of Volleyball. Sun and Sea all rolled into a great day out! BBQ lunch included.

Ithaka: An island completely untouched by mass tourism. Step back in time and experience the 'real' Greece. Cross over on the ferry to the sister island of Ithaka. Discover the traditional and beautiful smaller island, as depicted in Homer's epic poems. A relaxing and peaceful day out, Stepping back in time!

These are just a few of the exciting days and nights out available from your representative in resort. We strongly advise you to confirm your place at the Welcome Get Together on the day after arrival, as places are limited and we don't want you to miss out.

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