Want to visit a very different type of beach? One that is steeped in history - and hidden inside a cave? Then head to the lovely sand and shingle beach of Ayio Anargyri on the south-west coast of Spetses.

At the northern end of the beach there’s a path that goes uphill through pine trees. There’s a lovely view of the beach, one of the best on the island, and the path leads to the narrow entrance to Bekiri Cave, one of the more unusual attractions on Spetses. Once inside, a concrete path leads to a bigger cave that has stalactites and a sandy beach.

The cave may be named after a hermit who lived in the cave and, legend says, was brought fish to eat by a friendly seal. It was used as a place of refuge during the Turkish occupation of Greece in the 1800s and was a hiding place for resistance fighters during the Second World War.

The cave can be reached by boat if you are prepared to swim in through the low entrance.

Visitors are advised to wear beach shoes. Sun does filter into the cave – turning the water a beautiful shade of blue green – but a torch is recommended.

Banner image credit: Marco Verch via Flikr

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