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You can have it all in Cefalù. Not only do you have a enchanting historic town, you have a beautiful beach, the mountains and their charming villages as a backdrop, and a national park in reach. Wander the charming old historic centre with the fort and the Norman cathedral which make the city's special profile and atmosphere. It is called a city, but really it feels like a small town and the atmosphere is indeed that of a charming town rather than a city. The cathedral square is lined with palm trees and there are many traditional cafés where you can take a seat and enjoy the view of the impressive cathedral whilst watching the world go by.

Destination Profile

Sicily is an island that represents three continents in its history, cuisine, language and even the citizens themselves. Their characters are as varied as their ancestry.  

Throughout the years the island is a host to numerous cultural, artistic and religious events. Just like the Greeks, Easter and Christmas are celebrated with much gusto. Every town or village has a patron saint and commemorates their name day with fireworks, eating and drinking. The culture here is one that must be experienced as it is so unique and memorable. 

Opera and classical music are also popular in Sicily, with Palermo boasting the biggest opera house in Italy, Teatro Massimo. The superb Taormina Greek Theatre, offers as backdrop of Mount Etna, and has an impressive summer schedule every year, which includes concerts and operas featuring international artists. Popular artists, such as James Blunt, have appeared here in recent years. 

For those who adore art, there are many excellent art galleries around the island. The most noteworthy found in Palermo, the Galleria Regionale della Sicilia, the Galleria d'Arte Moderna and the new Museo Regionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea della Sicilia.

Things To Do

Every visit to Cefalù should include a walk on the famous cliff La Rocca, which accounts for Cefalù profile. The rock is 270 metres high and the trip requires good health as the climb is steep. At the top of the cliff is Diana's temple, which is believed to be constructed about 400 years before the birth of Christ. From the top of the cliff, you have a fine view of Cefalù and the sea.