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Didim, an hour’s drive from the city of Ayin is one of Turkey’s prime holiday destinations. It has a rich cultural heritage, golden beaches, and a coast of intricate coves, each a wonder of nature. 


Didim, home of the antique city of Didyma with its ruined Temple of Apollo, is a small town, popular seaside holiday resort and district of Aydın Province on the Aegean coast of western Turkey.

Who goes to Didim?
This coast has thus become a very popular holiday resort and is genuinely attractive with its long sandy beaches, clear blue sea, ancient ruins to visit.

Destination Profile

Bodrum was the city of Halicarnassus in ancient times and an important port at the centre of the old world and thus, modern Bodrum is to Turkey, what Cannes is to the South of France: historic, interesting, relaxing and lively. Holidaymakers can delight in exploring Bodrum's 15th century Castle of St. Peter, Myndos Gate and the Ancient Theatre. Another must-see in the region are the windmills located on the hills between Bodrum and Gumbet.

The heart of Bodrum is located around the charming and fascinating harbour, where shops, bars and restaurants jostle together in the narrow streets under the shadow of the castle. However, when you've had your fill of Bodrum's harbour-side attractions, there is still a whole peninsula to explore: mountains and green valleys, traditional villages and isolated beaches are all within view of the warm, clear waters of the Aegean Sea.

The lively resort of Gumbet has one of the longest and most popular beaches in the region and offers excellent water sports opportunities. Just 2 kms from Bodrum it is also a great place from which to launch shopping trips to the boutiques and markets of Bodrum.

For an altogether gentler and more relaxed pace of life try the more low key resort of Bitez which is widely considered to be an absolute gem and offers great opportunities for scenic walks, boat trips and also shopping. It is also renowned as being one of the best places in the region for windsurfing.

Meaning 'Middle Town' the resort of Ortakent is located in the centre of the Bodrum peninsular making it a great place from which to explore the region and with a long, wide, sandy beach it is a very popular resort for families.

Whether you're looking for a cultural holiday experience or one that's predominantly beach-bound, a holiday in Bodrum is the answer!


Bodrum's climate is wonderfully pleasant. In summer, the dry heat rarely goes above 35�C, while the water is a balmy 25�C. In winter, although it gets chilly, it can be mild enough to dine outside, and all you will generally need is a sweater or lightweight raincoat.

Max Temp C Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Turkey 21 24 29 32 32 28 26
London 13 16 20 22 21 19 13
Sunshine Hours Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Turkey 8 9 9 11 12 9 8
London 5 6 7 6 6 5 3

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  • Places of interest
  • Long sandy beaches
  • Didim town has hotels, a weekly market, a waterpark and the antique temple of Apollo nearby.

Things To Do

Popular activities for those taking holidays in Bodrum include:-

  • Watersports
  • Horse riding
  • River drafting
  • Deep sea diving

    Bodrum Holidays - Excursions

    Boat Trip: Turkey is world famous with her magnificent coastline and here is your chance to see turquoise bays yourself. Visit to the several deep blue bays for a swim and marvellous caves and islands. It will be an unforgettable and relaxing day of your holiday.

    Turkish Bath: Something not to miss! Like the Roman baths of old, the baths are a social occasion where friends meet to chat and relax. It takes all your stress off and gives you shiny clean skin with scrub and foam massages.

    Dalyan - Turtle Beach: Cruise a long the coast to the mouth of Dalyan River and Turtle Beach breeding ground of the loggerhead turtles. View magnificent Rock Tombs carved into the cliff-side. Experience the miracle mud bath of Dalyan for smooth and shiny skin.

    Jeep Safari: The jeep safari is a must for everyone who wants to face Turkey in an adventure way. You will drive through small villages, mountains and nature.

    Turkish Delight: Turkish cuisine hospitality at its best followed by spectacular array of Turkish entertainment. Firstly you will meet the colourful folk dancers from the rural arcos and exquisite belly dancer.

    Tandem Paragliding: Fethiye - Oludeniz is unique paragliding area in the world. Watch the spectacular scenery of Oludeniz Lagoon. You will find a chance to get unrivalled photos of the beautiful coastline.

    Ephesus and Virgin Mary's House: A day in one of the ancient world's wonders. Walk on the marble streets of Ephesus and see remains of the Living Ancient City! And see the Virgin Mary's house where she had spent her last days.

Things To See

Mausoleum: This is Bodrum's oldest antiquity and was built by Artemisia II in honour of her husband King Mausolos. The monumental tomb became one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. After the Mausoleum was destroyed by an earthquake in the 12th century, an exhibition about what the Mausoleum probably looked like, together with a large model, provide a vivid lesson on the history of the area which was then called Halicarnassos.

Amphi Theatre: The theatre is another witness to the great past of Bodrum. Situated in the hillside over looking Bodrum this theatre whose capacity is around 13.000 was built during the Carian reign in the Hellenistic age (330 - 30 BC.). The theatre consists of three different sections: a place for the audience, a place for an orchestra and the stage. It became an open-air museum after the excavations in 1973.

St. Peters Castle: The most prominent feature of Bodrum is the castle of St. Peter. The castle's origins date back to the knights of St. John but now it is one of the finest museums in this region where you get wonderful views of the town and sea, are several mighty towers, a chapel, dungeon and Turkish bath, all set in gardens and linked by steep steps and passageways.

Visit Ephesus: This site is about 160 km North of Bodrum can be reached in approximately two and a half hours by bus. A city once renowned throughout the Classical world as a major trading port, a metropolis of some 250,000 inhabitants and a religious and cultural center. It was also the home of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

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