Cesme at a glance

Perched on Turkey’s western coastline overlooking the Aegean Sea, you’ll discover the sunny seaside destination of Cesme



Cesme is originally named Cyssus in ancient times, Cesme is an ancient city that lies west of Izmir. The name changed from Cyssus to Cesme because of the cold water resources in the city, as building fountains were a tradition.

Cesme is a beautiful coastal town that offers breathtaking views of the sea and mountains, it is a well known holiday resort town that keeps its original traditional character and many visitors choose to travel here in order to spend their time by the sea. 

The town has a long seafront ideal for promenading, an impressive castle, bustling commercial area with plenty of shops as well as lovely beaches. 

The region is famous for its clear blue seas, landscapes, cultivated fields of sesame and artichokes, figs and gum trees.