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Holiday memories across the Mediterranean from Greece to Malta and Madeira

We all love to share our holiday memories and we hope you enjoy Olympic Holidays’ friends’ magical moments across the sunny Mediterranean from Greece to Malta and Madeira.


Chloe, from Cyprus

“There is nothing quite like an end to a holiday than the breathtaking views of Mykonos town and a Greek sunset. At Nusr – Et Steakhouse, a chain of steakhouses run by a Turkish celebrity chef Salt Bae my partner and I were enjoying our drinks on the patio followed by our delicious steak.

“Mykonos is one of my favourite holiday destinations, you can choose how you want to spend your days whether its’ partying until 5am or just chilling by the beach.  For me, it is about relaxing and discovering the beach gems and indulging on the gastronomic experience. I am a firm believer that the best way to get a feel of a destination is to taste all the flavours. Eat, drink and enjoy!

Sunset over the mountains of Corfu. View from Sivota port.

Sivota, Greece

Sarah, from London

“We went on holiday to Sivota for the first time after having our baby. We had no idea what to expect but found a traditional Greek town with a busy little harbour that makes for the loveliest place to wander. Our hotel was delightfully friendly and families can chill out on the sandy beaches on either side of the town.”

The Acropolis of Lindos


Angela, from Dover

“We stood in awe once we got to the Acropolis, in Lindos, having walked up past the old white houses. Looking out to over the turquoise bay from the top of the bay must be one of the most rewarding and amazing views in Greece.

“It’s best to visit either early morning or early evening so it is not too hot and much quieter for wandering in the lanes to find tavernas and cafe. We like we deserved it after the long, but fantastic walk!”

Funchal, Madeira


Lesley, from Ashford

“It’s the floral isle, so I expected wonderful gardens and wildflowers but seeing the blaze of purple jacaranda blooms was like something you see in a magazine. It is a view that I will never forget on this sub-tropical island that is simply glorious throughout the year.”


Carl, from London

“Walking through the medieval fortified city of Mdina is one of the most extraordinary experiences I’ve ever had. With a population of less than 600 people, this grand city was the capital of Malta – and with every turn there’s another wow escape. Called the ‘silent city’ by some, it may leave you speechless but it’ll never be forgotten.”

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