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Why Rhodes is Picture Perfect

The largest of the Dodecanese islands and the fourth largest island in Greece, it comes as no surprise that Rhodes is the go-to destination for a summer holiday like no other. The island is basked in warm sunlight which illuminates the utter beauty of the region, from the striking scenery set against the backdrop of medieval churches to the golden beaches surrounded by breathtaking archaeological sites. It’s pretty safe to say that no camera will ever do the exquisiteness of Rhodes justice – but you can try. Take a look at our compilation of photo opportunities of locations and attractions across the island that are so phenomenal they belong in the Louvre…

Old Town

Photo type: A panorama to capture the whole landscape

Nearby hotel: Belair Beach Hotel

It may be old but it’s certainly not dreary. Rhodes Old Town is a destination unto itself and is one of the biggest draws to the island thanks to being the largest medieval city in Europe. Declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO in 1988, one step on the cobbled narrow street and you’ll be immersed in an atmosphere that’s reminiscent of a completely different era. From mesmerising bridges and classical architecture to medieval buildings and historical monuments, Rhodes Old Town is certainly a photo opportunity that cannot be missed. 

Rhodes Old Town


Photo type: A selfie in front of the gorgeous white houses

Nearby hotel: Lindos Gardens

There’s no such thing as a holiday to Rhodes without a visit to Lindos. This ancient city roughly 50 kilometres southeast of the island’s centre is utterly picturesque, is nestled at the foot of a steep rock and surrounded by azure waters. A traditional medieval history encapsulates the magnificent settlement, while the sugar-cube-white houses amidst the winding streets and architectural wonders are something to be marvelled at. The Acropolis of Lindos however is the real draw in the area, with its ancient temple and majestic towers being the hotspot for many of your holiday snaps. One selfie here and simply watch the likes come rolling in…


Valley of Butterflies

Photo type: A video to capture the sounds of nature

Nearby hotel: Golden Odyssey Hotel

If you ever wondered about the place where natural beauty was invented, wonder no more – it’s the Valley of the Butterflies. A unique nature reserve just 15 kilometres southwest from the centre of the city, the valley is a location of incomparable peace and relaxation, surrounded by verdant green forests and fascinating flora and fauna, not to mention the enchanting butterflies. From June until September, masses of colourful butterflies flock to the area to leave their eggs and reproduce, inviting visitors to witness a spectacular natural phenomenon on a shaded walk through gentle rivers and beautiful waterfalls. A low level of noise is a must in order not to scare the butterflies away, making it the perfect environment to capture a video of the gorgeous valley complete with the calming sounds of nature.

Valley of Butterflies

Rodini Park

Photo type: No flash, no filter

Nearby hotel: Akti Imperial Hotel

Can’t get enough of striking natural beauty on your Rhodes holiday? Rodini Park is next on the agenda. Nothing short of heaven on Earth, the park is known for its dense vegetation and boasts a tranquil landscape made up of bridges, traditional narrow paths and a lake abundant with water lilies, but the wildlife here is definitely worth a look. Quietly approach the likes of deer, peacocks and ducks, and be mindful of flash photography when taking your pictures. Besides, the natural light of the park is enough to illuminate the true beauty of your surroundings.

Rodini Park

Church of Panagia

Photo type: Portrait mode to focus on the gorgeous campanile tower

Nearby hotels: Sun Studios & Avra Apartments

Immerse yourself in Rhode’s well-known religious and architectural history with a visit to the Church of Panagia, a small but beautiful church encircled by high walls. First built in 1300, the church’s courtyard is the perfect place to admire and take pictures of the tall campanile tower, a characteristic of churches in Rhodes, but the outside is nothing compared to the inside. Admire the sparkling chandeliers, colourful frescoes, the elaborately painted ceiling and the impressive flooring, which features traditional Rhodian pebble mosaics. While photos of the interiors are strictly prohibited, what you see here is so beautiful that it’ll be embedded in your memory forever.

Church of Panagia

Lee Beach

Photo type: Classic sunset on the beach

Nearby hotels: Lindia Thalassa, Island Blue Hotel & Eleni Apartments   

Come on, you know we couldn’t ignore the multiple photogenic beaches Rhodes has to offer! In our opinion, Lee Beach in Pefkos is one of the best stretches of sand throughout the island, with waters as clear as glass and plenty of opportunities to sunbathe and soak up the Grecian atmosphere. The beach is quiet enough that you can get your photo fix of the gorgeous landscape with no interruptions, but the real magic happens when the sun begins to set. The sky illuminates with soft pinks, oranges and lilacs as the sun disappears into the horizon that makes for a picture that surely belongs in an art gallery.

Lee Beach

Kalithea Springs

Photo type: To make your loved ones green with envy

Nearby hotel: Esperides Beach Family Hotel

Everything in Rhodes boasts a perfect blend of architecture and nature, and the Kalithea Springs are no exception to this rule. One of the most popular attractions on the island, the springs are set within a picturesque bay with warm, clear waters that make it an ideal location for swimming and snorkeling. The buildings that make up Kalithea Springs are strikingly grand, complete with marble arches and pebbled mosaics, and are located amidst tropical gardens that are sure to make all of your friends and family jealous when you post pictures of the utterly gorgeous surroundings.

Kalithea Springs

Discovering the beauty of Rhodes provides an unforgettable holiday like no other, from its iconic historical monuments to the gorgeous nature that engulfs every corner of the island. So, once your camera is fully charged and your passport is ready to be stamped, there’s only one thing left to do – contact Olympic Holidays to get your Rhodes adventure kick-started without a hitch. What are you waiting for?  

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