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Son Xoriguer, a serene coastal enclave on Menorca's southwestern shore, offers a tranquil Mediterranean retreat. With golden beaches, a welcoming marina, and lush surroundings, it's an idyllic destination for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts.


Son Xoriguer, nestled on the southwestern coast of Menorca, is a captivating beachfront resort town that epitomises the tranquil charm of the Balearic Islands. This idyllic destination boasts pristine golden sandy beaches. 

Visitors to Son Xoriguer can revel in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy water sports from windsurfing to snorkeling. The marina offers a chance to explore the coastline by boat and discover secluded coves and hidden treasures.

The town itself offers a collection of restaurants, bars, and shops, ensuring that guests have a pleasant and comfortable stay. The surrounding landscape invites exploration with lush pine forests and inviting walking trails, perfect for nature enthusiasts.

With its relaxed ambiance and natural beauty, Son Xoriguer provides a quintessential Menorcan experience, perfect for those seeking a peaceful coastal escape.

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