Scattered with forests, orchards and meadows, with a coastline of many delightful coves.


If you're in search of a dream of holiday with stunning views and lush landscapes ripe for exploration, then holidays in Alonissos are just what you're looking for. Holidays on the island of Alonissos provide holidaymakers the opportunity to appreciate nature at its most enthralling. Alonissos has some wonderful walking trails that traverse the island scattered with lush green forests, orchards and meadows. If you're in search of holidays with some adventure than Alonissos has many coves just waiting to be discovered.

Who holidays in Alonissos?

Alonissos is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, ensuring that holidaymakers leave with beautiful memories of its vistas. Holidays in Alonissos suit those seeking a retreat which offers them ample opportunity to swim, walk and gently explore.

Destination Profile

Those taking Alonissos holidays will be bowled over by the charm of this beautiful Greek island. Begin your holiday in Patitiri, a delightful town set in a serene bay and protected by steep cliffs. The area has a bustling harbour, with a selection of shops, tavernas and bars that sure to please those taking holidays to Alonissos.

If you dream of holiday destinations complete with stunning views and lush landscapes ripe for exploration, a holiday in Alonissos could be just what you're looking for. Holidays on this Greek island provide holidaymakers with many opportunities to appreciate nature at its most enthralling. Utilise wonderful walking trails to traverse a lovely green island scattered with forests, orchards and meadows What's more, adventurous holidaymakers can indulge in a little exploration of Alonissos' many coves just waiting to be discovered.

Holidaymakers should be prepared to be bowled over by the charm of Alonissos'. Begin your holiday in Patitiri, a delightful town set in a serene bay and protected by steep cliffs. There, you'll uncover one of Alonissos' many bustling harbours, each offering a selection of shops, tavernas and bars that sure to please people on holiday.

After a pleasurable day of sightseeing or repose on one of Alonissos' exquisite beaches, holidaymakers can indulge in delicious local cuisine by dining in one of the many fine fish restaurants found on the island.

Alonissos also boasts its own Marine Park, established to protect endangered marine wildlife such as the monk seal, and has been awarded with a special "ECO Island" status - making Alonissos the ideal holiday destination for people interested in communing with nature.


Agios Dimitrios is a horseshoe shaped beach with fantastic turquoise coloured water. Leftos Gialos beach is another outstanding beach with crystal clear waters and with a lush tree lined coastal area. Megalos Moutitias beach is absolutely beautiful and is an ideal for relaxing, for families Tzorti Gialo is recommended because of its shallow waters and good tourist facilities.


  • Traditional off the beaten track island
  • Bustling harbour front with excellent fish restaurants
  • Immense natural beauty and beautiful beaches
  • National marine park boasting a rare species of the 'monk seal'


In Patitiri you can purchase various souvenirs, wooden toys, books and jewellery. In Chora there are quite a few local artists, and you can buy paintings, coloured candles and antiques. Alonissos housewives selling local delicacies including herbs that are grown on the island, honey and olive oil.

Things To Do

Holidays to Alonissos are perfect for relaxation and tranquillity but if you're seeking for active pursuits than take a guided walk. The watersports in Alonissos are limited and activities such as diving are forbidden because of the many ancient remains sitting on the sea floor.

Things To See

Old Village of Alonissos: Also known as Chora and was the capital of the island until 1965, following an earthquake and the people moved down to Patitiri on the coast. The views are truly fantastic with one of the best sunsets all around Greece and now the Old Village is becoming one of the best parts of the island to visit.

Folklore Museum: Located in Patitiri this fascinating museum is definitely worth visiting, the museum depicts the many empires that rules Alonissos including the Byzantine and Venetian.

Monastery of Kyra Panagia: Situated on the north eastern area of Alonissos this 16th century post Byzantine monastery sits on top of a hill and overlooks the sea.

National Marine Park: The national marine park is located at the Northern Sporades and was Greece's first marine park. The area is rich in marine wildlife and is home to endangered species such as the Mediterranean Monk Seal. This is one of Europe's rarest animals and is close to extinction with only 800 known surviving monk seals in the world.

Remains of Ancient City Walls: At Kokkino Kastro beach lie the remains of the ancient city walls with original tombstones and graves. It is thought that this is the site of ancient Ikos.

Cyclops Cave: On the island of Gioura is Cyclops Cave, decorated with varicoloured stalactites and stalagmites.

Psathoura:  It has remains of an ancient city, most of which lie submerged.


Boat: It is the main mode of transportation in the island. A fleet of water taxis serves the main beaches, with larger boats sailing around Alonissos and further north to the deserted islands of the Marine Park.

Bus: There is a bus service between Patitiri and the Old Town from June to September, ranging from four buses daily to nine or twelve in the high season.

Taxi: There are only a few taxis in Alonissos but other modes of transport are cheaper and easier to find.

Bicycle: Renting a bike during your Alonissos holidays is a wonderful way of getting around and great way to see the island, however the island is quite steep so you'll need to be quite fit.

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