Most visitors to the area only know Pagi as the village with the narrow road through which they must carefully drive every time they take the "main road" from Agios Georgios towards Corfu town.


Nestling on the side of a wooded valley, the village of Pagi lies in the northwest part of Corfu and just above the large sandy beach of Agios Georgios. The village  dates back to the time when pirates roamed the Mediterranean so for their protection the inhabitants built their houses away from the sea.

Pagi is quiet and surrounded by greenery, lots of the houses are old and they are home to lcals, there only a few villas and studios for tourists, two cafes and a mini market. 

Pagi has road connections with many of the interesting spots in north Corfu. The scenic settelemt of Afionas with its stunning beach of Porto Timoni which is 4km away and the mountainous village of Makrades and Krini which are at a distance.

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