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Delightful Halki is ideal for beach lovers, boasting some of the cleanest beaches in the whole of Greece.


Halki lies just a few miles off the west coast of Rhodes and much of the traditional way of life of an island fishing village still continues. It is one of the smaller Dodecanese islands and has some of the cleanest beaches in the whole of Greece, making it ideal for those who enjoy lazy days under the Mediterranean sun.

Halki is a traditional harbour town, supported by UNESCO which has discouraged large modern developments. Holidays to Halki have grown in popularity in recent times because it was chosen as "the island of peace and friendship", a meeting place for young people from all over the world.

Halki holidays are taken in a delightful setting with pretty houses dotted around the picturesque harbour with its mountainous backdrop. The remains of a ruined Crusader castle are perched on a hillside, still guarding the deserted old town. The tiny harbour boasts a few coffee shops, several atmospheric tavernas serving the catch of the day and four shops providing all your daily requirements. There is no bank on the island and no pharmacy. This peaceful island really does offer the chance to 'get away from it all'.

Halki holidays are fabulous for those who want or need a relaxing break on a peaceful island without the hustle and bustle of its neighbouring islands. A holiday to Halki is a perfect opportunity to get away from it all on an island where everything and everyone operates at a nice gentle pace. Accommodations are unsuitable for those with disabilities or walking difficulties.


Pondamos: The only sandy beach on Halki is just 10 minutes walk from Emborio. Follow the concrete road over the ridge into the next bay. You will find a taverna, umbrellas and sunbeds.

Ftenagia: You can reach this beach by the rocky path above the shoreline, or by the high road to the windmills. It will take about 15 minutes walk from Emborio. There is also a taverna, sun beds and umbrellas.

Kania: Beach of pebbles lies in the north of Emborio (a 25 minute walk from Emborio)

Yiali: A tiny beach of white pebbles is found on the South side of the island, down a winding track leading from the old village at Chorio, below the Kastro. Relax in the shade by the cliffs.

Things To Do

Alimnia The neighbouring island of Alimnia is definitely worth a visit. It was inhabited until the early 1960's by a number of families now settled on Halki, but now deserted but for sheep, goats and feral cats. The village is mainly ruined, though the church is maintained, and used for occasional festivals. Above the village is the small ruined Knights of St John castle, affording glorious views over the beautiful double bay and across to Halki. Alimnia has a memorable wartime history as a valuable naval base, and remnants of the occupation of first the Italians in ruined barracks and their graffiti.

Visit of Rhodes Take a trip to the main Dodecanese island of Rhodes. Discover the medieval Rhodes town, the spectacular scenery of this island, its lively café society and centuries of history and mythology.

Things To See

Kastro - The remnants of this castle of the Knights of St John top the smaller peak behind Emborio. The panoramic views are spectacular.

Chorio - the old settlement of Halki (until early 19th Century), now mainly ruined, is situated on the slopes below the hill top Kastro, a position concealed from view from the sea, and high above the initial marauding of pirates. It is about a 35 minute walk up the concrete road, which winds up the valley.

Panormitis - Restoration work has greatly improved the aspect of this small monastery, some 15 minutes above Chorio, up a bulldozed track to the right. The ancient Byzantine church and the main buildings are undergoing refurbishment.


Foot: Walking is the main way to get around and explore the island as there is no bus service. Remote beaches can be reached by boat. Everything is within a walking distance.

Boat: There is a daily caique connecting the island to Rhodes and a hydrofoil once a week to Kalymnos, Kos, Nisyros and Tilos. 1 water taxi with various destinations displayed. Rates by negotiation dependent on the number in party (up to 12).

Taxi: There is just one taxi, usually parked near the Post Office if not out on call. Rates are advertised for Pondamos, Ftenagia, Chorio, Monastery.


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