A natural, open-air spa experience is the extraordinary discovery awaiting visitors to Therma Beach, near Agios Fokas, 12km from Kos Town.

Surprisingly hot springs mix with seawater in a shallow pool created by a semi-circle of rocks off the shoreline to provide a relaxing, therapeutic sensation for bathers, accompanied by bubbles and a sulphurous aroma.

The walk down, and back up, is steep, while offering breathtaking views and facilities can be seasonal and limited – there are no toilets – but sometimes include a massage booth.

There are cafes close to the nearest car park, which is a few minutes’ walk away and free of charge. Buses also run to the area.

The waters, which have been found to be rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur and sodium, flow down from a grotto through a trench and into the shoreline pool, which is usually about 3ft deep. The temperature of the surrounding sea can be much cooler and many visitors enjoy the invigorating experience of plunging from one to the other, or at least swimming in the sea before braving the heat of the ‘spa’, which has been recorded up to 50 degrees Celsius.

The pebbled beach is in a dramatic setting, backed by imposing cliffs, with deep clefts and black rocks, the result of ancient volcanic eruptions, and the ambience is even more dramatic at sunset..

Once you have experienced the thermal pool, you might like the more conventional beach experience at Agios Fokas, about 2km away, a long stretch of lovely Aegean coast with sandy and pebbled areas, organised with loungers and umbrellas.

The beach is often less crowded than others on Kos, and is close to a range of tavernas, some specialising in authentic Greek cuisine.

That sounds like another lovely day sorted.